Animal Farm (1954)

Director: John Halas, Joy Batchelor
Starring: Gordon Heath, Voices Of, Maurice Denham

George Orwell's allegorical examination of totalitarianism and revolutionary thought is transported into animated form to tell the tale of the oppress... Read more

Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma (1984)

Director: Peter Moffatt
Starring: Colin Baker, Kevin McNally, Maurice Denham, Nicola Bryant

The Doctor has regenerated and all is not well. Confused, angry and acting strangley, the new Doctor decides to become a hermit, so takes his concerne... Read more

Behaving Badly (1989)

Director: David Tucker
Starring: Judi Dench, Maurice Denham, Frances Barber, Joely Richardson, Ronald Pickup

Based on Catherine Heath's book, this 1989 four-part mini-series stars Judi Dench as a woman whose life is initially shattered when her husband decide... Read more

Countess Dracula (1970)

Starring: Ingrid Pitt, Nigel Green, Maurice Denham, Lesley-Anne Down

When a voracious vampire vixen (Ingrid Pitt) discovers that virgins' blood holds the secret to eternal youth, it's not time at all before she's squeez... Read more

Torture Garden (1967)

Director: Freddie Francis
Starring: Burgess Meredith, Jack Palance, Maurice Denham, Peter Cushing, Beverly Adams

Sideshow psychic Dr. Diabolo (Burgess Meredith) predicts the horrific futures of some curious fairground visitors. Wealthy Colin (Michael Bryant) find... Read more

Oranges and Sunshine (2011)

Director: Jim Loach
Starring: David Wenham, Emily Watson, Hugo Weaving, Tara Morice

The true story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson), a social worker from Nottingham who uncovered one of the most significant social scandals in rece... Read more

Tiny Furniture (2010)

Director: Lena Dunham
Starring: Merritt Wever, Alex Karpovsky, Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Laurie Simmons, Grace...

Lena Dunham got her start making YouTube videos, but she emerged as a major talent thanks to the breakthrough success of this exceptionally sharp come... Read more

The Judi Dench Collection (1991)

Director: Anthony Page, Christopher Morahan, Michael Darlow, Stephen Frears
Starring: Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Norman Wisdom, Fulton MacKay, Michael C Williams, M...

This collection contains a selection of sterling performances from Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench, including: 'Talking to a Stranger' (1966) ba... Read more

Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

Director: Franklin J Schaffner
Starring: Michael Jayston, Janet Suzman, Harry Andrews, Tom Baker, Michael Bryant, Maurice...

The epic, lavish, yet ultimately tragic true story of Tsar Nicholas II (Michael Jayston), a man who lost an empire because he couldn't say 'no' to his... Read more

Suffragette (2015)

Director: Sarah Gavron
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Helena Bonham Carter, Meryl Streep, Anne-Marie Duff, Ben Whisha...

With an all-star cast including Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter, Brendan Gleeson, Anne-Marie Duff, Ben Whishaw and Meryl Streep as Emmeline Pankh... Read more