The Greatest Story Ever Told (1956)

Director: George Stevens
Starring: Max von Sydow, Charlton Heston, Carroll Baker

An all star cast highlights this glossy biblical epic about the life of Jesus. John Wayne is the Roman centurion overseeing Christ's crucifixion. Max... Read more

Pelle The Conqueror (1988)

Director: Bille August
Starring: Erik Paaske, Max von Sydow, Pelle Hvenegaard

Winner of the Cannes Festival Palme d'Or and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Picture, Bille August's moving film features a remarkable performance... Read more

The Soldier's Tale ( Animated ) (1984)

Director: R.O. Blechman, Christian Blackwood
Starring: Max von Sydow, Dusan Makavejev, Galina Panova

Stravinsky's legendary fable comes alive in this Emmy-winning animated program. When the common man is faced with the devil's temptation, can he make... Read more

Steppenwolf (1974)

Director: Fred Haines
Starring: Max von Sydow, Dominique Sanda, Pierre Clementi

Max von Sydow and Dominique Sanda star in this adaptation of Herman Hesse's classic novel about a man's internal struggle to find peace within himself... Read more

Skammen ( aka Shame ) (1968)

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Liv Ullmann, Max von Sydow, Gunnar Bjornstrand

Powerful, brilliantly acted drama examines how married concert violinists are morally challenged by a civil war that rages across their island. One of... Read more

March or Die (1976)

Director: Dick Richards
Starring: Gene Hackman, Terence Hill, Max von Sydow

The story of how a detail from the French Foreign Legion is sent off to protect an archaeological expedition threatened by the local Arab tribesmen. T... Read more

Strange Brew (1983)

Starring: Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas, Max von Sydow

Canada's most famous hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, get jobs at the Elsinore Brewery, only to learn that something is rotten with the state of it. Read more

Dune (Special Edition) (1984)

Director: David Lynch
Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, Brad Dourif, Sting , Max von Sydow

A monumental film by the director of 'Eraserhead' featuring Kyle MacLachlan, Sting and Max Von Sydow. The saga of an intergalactic warrior and his ris... Read more

The Passion of Anna (1970)

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Max von Sydow, Liv Ullmann, Bibi Andersson, Erland Josephson

A stark, psychological drama from Ingmar Bergman starring Max von Sydow as a former convict living on an isolated island farmhouse who becomes involve... Read more

The Seventh Seal (1957)

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: Gunnar Bjornstrand, Bengt Ekerot, Max von Sydow, Bibi Andersson

Disillusioned and exhausted after a decade of battling in the Crusades, a knight (Max von Sydow) encounters Death on a desolate beach and challenges h... Read more