Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972)

Director: Shunya Ito
Starring: Meiko Kaji

Experimental and exploitation cinema meet in this subversive feature. The film follows a woman named Matsu (a.k.a. "Scorpion"), wrongly imprisoned aft... Read more

Lady Snowblood (1973)

Director: Toshiya Fujita
Starring: Meiko Kaji, Toshio Kurosawa, Masaaki Daimon

Her father, a schoolteacher, is brutally murdered. Her mother is beaten, raped, and forced into prostitution to survive, only to die giving her life.... Read more

Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance (1974)

Director: Toshiya Fujita
Starring: Meiko Kaji, Yoshio Harada, Kazuko Yoshiyuki

Imprisoned and sentenced to hang for the murders she committed to avenge her family, Yuki is given a reprieve by the mysterious Kikui, a secret govern... Read more

Kamikaze Taxi (1995)

Director: Masato Harada
Starring: Reiko Kataoka, Kazuya Takahashi, Koji Yakusho

Part crime thriller, part road movie and part social polemic, writer/director Masato Harada's drama follows Yakuza underling Tatsuo (Kazuya Takahashi)... Read more