Suburban Mayhem (2006)

Director: Paul Goldman
Starring: Emily Barclay, Laurence Breuls, Robert Morgan, Michael Dorman, Anthony Hayes

A cynical and serious-minded suburban soap-opera from director Paul Goldman starring Kiwi Emily Barclay as Kat - rebellion in a mini skirt! She's a 19... Read more

Le Quai Des Brumes ( Port of Shadows ) (1938)

Director: Marcel Carne
Starring: Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Michele Morgan

Deserter Jean arrives in Le Havre and looks for a shelter before leaving the French territory. Housed in a shed on the docks, he meets the mysterious... Read more

Triangle (2009)

Director: Christopher Smith
Starring: Melissa George, Michael Dorman, Liam Hemsworth, Emma Lung, Rachael Carpani, Henr...

From horror writer and director Christopher Smith ('Severance', 'Creep') comes a unique concept psychological thriller that turns the genre on its hea... Read more

Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (1989)

Director: Alex Proyas
Starring: Michael Lake, Melissa Davis, Norman Boyd

Brother and sister endure alone together in a post-apocalyptic Outback until the sudden arrival of a stranger. Read more

Shoestring (1979)

Starring: Trevor Eve, Michael Medwin, Doran Godwin

Lighthearted detective series set in the West Country, about Eddie Shoestring, a radio-phone-in detective Read more

An Unmarried Woman (1978)

Director: Paul Mazursky
Starring: Alan Bates, Cliff Gorman, Jill Clayburgh, Michael Murphy

In an Oscar and Bafta-nominated performance, Jill Clayburgh plays a New York art gallery worker trying to cope with life after her husband walks out o... Read more

Good Vibrations (2012)

Director: Lisa Barros D'sa, Glenn Leyburn
Starring: Adrian Dunbar, Karl Johnson, Liam Cunningham, Dylan Moran, Jodie Whittaker, Rich...

Terri Hooley is a radical, rebel and music-lover in 1970s Belfast, when the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city. As all his frie... Read more

Going in Style (2017)

Director: Zach Braff
Starring: Alan Arkin, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman

What do you do when your hard earned pension becomes a corporate casualty? You have bills to pay and your family is counting on you; what do you do? T... Read more

West (2007)

Director: Daniel Krige
Starring: Khan Chittenden, Nathan Phillips, Michael Dorman, Gillian Alexy, David Field, An...

Dramatic, tense and explosive, 'West' is a searing meditation on alienated youth that achieves a state of grace through the power of its performances.... Read more

The Secret of My Success (1987)

Director: Herbert Ross
Starring: Michael J Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan

Michael J Fox takes the New York business world by storm in this breezy comedy of corporate confusion. By taking full advantage of his uncle's company... Read more