The Survivors (1983)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Walter Matthau, Robin Williams, Jerry Reed

Donald Quinelle lost his job, his girlfriend and then he lost his mind. Sonny Paluso got held up, blown up and then he got a little fed up. When comed... Read more

Divine Madness (1980)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Bette Midler

Bette Midler's dynamic and bawdy live show 'Divine Madness' was filmed with ten cameras to create this electrifying film. Featuring such musical hits... Read more

Smile (1974)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Bruce Dern, Barbara Feldon, Michael Kidd, Geoffrey Lewis

This overlooked gem takes a satirical look at the goings-on at a California beauty pagent, and is a mavellous swipe at the conniving contestants, smar... Read more

The Golden Child (1986)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Charlotte Lewis, Charles Dance

As "The Chosen One", Eddie Murphy's on a madcap mission to save "The Golden Child", a youth with mystical powers who's been abducted by an evil cult.... Read more

The Candidate (1972)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Robert Redford, Peter Boyle, Melvyn Douglas

Bill McKay (Robert Redford), California Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator, a man of integrity and ideals, will now let the great American politica... Read more

Downhill Racer (1969)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv

Robert Redford stars as David Chappellet, a hot-shot skier, who gains entry onto the American Olympic team, in director Michael Ritchies' directorial... Read more

The Bad News Bears (Blu-ray) (1976)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Walter Matthau, Tatum O'Neal, Vic Morrow

An aging, down-on-his-luck ex-minor leaguer coaches a team of misfits in an ultra-competitive California little league. Read more

The Couch Trip (1987)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Donna Dixon, Charles Grodin, Walter Matthau

Dan Aykroyd and Walter Matthau team up for this comedy about a computer hacker who escapes from a mental institution, impersonates the head of the fac... Read more

Prime Cut (1972)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek

Lee Marvin, Gene Hackman, and a young Sissy Spacek star in a rough and tumble, misanthropic crime thriller with an unmistakably '70's feel. Marvin pla... Read more

Fletch (1985)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Joe Don Baker, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Chevy Chase

This may be Chevy Chase's funniest screen comedy. Chevy plays an investigative reporter who, while undercover, is offered $50,000 by a millionaire who... Read more

Fletch Lives (1989)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Chevy Chase, Hal Holbrook, Julianne Phillips, Richard Libertini, Randall Tex Cob...

In this surprisingly funny sequel, Chevy Chase returns as the glib, wise-cracking reporter Fletch who travels to the heart of Dixie when he inherits a... Read more

A Simple Wish (1997)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Martin Short, Kathleen Turner, Mara Wilson

In this updating of the classic fairy tale 'The Fairy Godmother', Martin Short is the clumsy wand welder who, while granting three wishes to a pre-tee... Read more

Wildcats (1986)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Goldie Hawn, James Keach, Swoosie Kurtz, Bruce McGill, Robyn Lively, Brandy Gold...

Molly McGrath (Goldie Hawn) has always wanted to be a football coach, like her dear old dad. And now she's got her chance, in a tough inner city scho... Read more

The Island (1980)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Michael Caine, David Warner, Angela Punch McGregor, Frank Middlemass

Based on the novel by "Jaws" author Peter Benchley, this action-packed, high-seas adventure stars Michael Caine, who plays a British reporter investig... Read more