The Waiting Place (2001)

Director: Cristobal Araus Lobos
Starring: Dave Perrett, Dane Giraud, Vadim Ledogorov, Michelle Langstone

The unsetting story of two escaped convicts who hold up in a desolate psychiatric hospital while they await their ride to freedom. With nothing left t... Read more

For Good (2003)

Director: Stuart McKenzie
Starring: Michelle Langstone, Timothy Balme, Miranda Harcourt, Tim Gordon, Adam Gardiner,...

Would-be journalist Lisa Pearce is haunted by the abduction and murder of her childhood companion. When Lisa confronts the killer, she sparks a devast... Read more

Separation City (2009)

Director: Paul Middleditch
Starring: Joel Edgerton, Rhona Mitra, Danielle Cormack, Thomas Kretschmann, Michelle Langs...

Simon (Joel Edgerton) is living a comfortable but unfulfilling life in the suburbs, with his wife (Danielle McCormack), two kids,and a sex-life on hol... Read more