Another Earth ( DVD, Blu-ray ) (2011)

Director: Mike Cahill
Starring: Brit Marling, William Mapother

The discovery of a planet orbiting - and very closely resembling - Earth is just the opening provocation of this unique sci-fi drama, which finds a yo... Read more

King of California (2007)

Director: Mike Cahill
Starring: Michael Douglas, Evan Rachel Wood, Willis Burks II, Laura Kachergus, Paul Lieber

Recently released from a mental institution, Charlie (Michael Douglas) is reunited with his estranged teenage daughter, Miranda (Evan Rachel Wood) who... Read more

The Man Who Souled the World (2007)

Director: Mike Hill
Starring: Jason Lee, Johnny Knoxville

Throughout the early 1990s, Steve Rocco left a lasting legacy on skateboarding and skate culture like no other. Steve's antics and entrepreneurial im... Read more