The Red and The White (1967)

Director: Miklos Jancso
Starring: Tibor Molnar, Andras Kozak, Josef Madaras

Brilliantly photographed drama in which director Miklos Jancso examines Hungarians fighting in the Red Army in 1918 during the bloody civil war in Rus... Read more

The Round Up (1966)

Director: Miklos Jancso
Starring: Andras Kozak

In Hungary, the national movement led by Kossuth has been crushed and the Austrian hegemony re-established, but partisans carry on with violent action... Read more

My Way Home (1964)

Director: Miklos Jancso

In the final days of World War II, a young Hungarian is making his way home, through countryside full of the debris of war, when he is captured and im... Read more

The Confrontation (1969)

Director: Miklos Jancso

It is 1947; the Communist Party has just taken power in Hungary. In Jancsó's first color film, young students at a People's College have a debate with... Read more