Mahana (2016)

Director: Lee Tamahori
Starring: Nancy Brunning, Temuera Morrison, Jim Moriarty, Akuhata Keefe

In the 1960s on the east coast of New Zealand, two Maori sheep-shearing families  the Mahanas and the Poatas  are longstanding enemies and commercia... Read more

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (1999)

Director: Ian Mune
Starring: Temuera Morrison, Clint Eruera, Nancy Brunning, Pete Smith, Rena Owen

This sequel to "Once Were Warriors" again stars Temuera Morrison as Jake Heke, who having turned his back on his family, must deal with a new set of c... Read more

When Love Comes (1999)

Director: Garth Maxwell
Starring: Nancy Brunning, Rena Owen, Dean O'Gorman, Simon Prast, Sophia Hawthorne

Six people from very different backgrounds journey through the ins and outs and ups and downs of love and destiny. It is a film that touches your hear... Read more

The Strength of Water (2009)

Director: Armagan Ballantyne
Starring: Nancy Brunning, Jim Moriarty, Isaac Barber, Hato Paparoa, Melanie Mayall-Nahi

Living on a ramshackle chicken farm with their parents and various siblings, 10-year-old twins Kimi (Hato Paparoa) and Melody (Melanie Mayall-Nahi) ar... Read more

Crooked Earth (2001)

Director: Sam Pillsbury
Starring: Temuera Morrison, Lawrence Makoare, Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Quinton Hita, Nancy...

After 20 years service in the army, Captain Will Bastion (Temuera Morrison) is forced to resign his commission for an incident his superiors want kept... Read more