The James Dean Era (1953)

Starring: James Dean, Natalie Wood

Three rare television dramas make up this cherished set of early James Dean performances, including: 'I Am A Fool' (1954) - Delivering an intimate per... Read more

Kings Go Forth (1958)

Director: Delmer Daves
Starring: Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood

Highly entertaining blend of WWII action and human drama, featuring Frank Sinatra and Tony Curtis as soldiers stationed in France and Natalie Wood as... Read more

Splendour in the Grass (1961)

Director: Elia Kazan
Starring: Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle

Warren Beatty (in his film debut) and Natalie Wood portray young lovers in the 1920s Midwest, whose inner struggles to retain a pure and virtuous love... Read more

Gypsy (1962)

Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Starring: Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood, Karl Malden

Smash musical about the life of Gypsy Rose Lee. Natalie Wood plays the vaudeville singer-turned-burlesque star, with Rosalind Russell as her abrasive... Read more

The Affair (1973)

Director: Gilbert Cates
Starring: Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Bruce Davison

Excellent romantic drama starring Natalie Wood as a songwriter with polio who has her first experience with the opposite sex when she dates an attorne... Read more

West Side Story (1961)

Director: Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise
Starring: Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn

Leonard Bernstein's classic musical updating of "Romeo and Juliet" stars Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood as Tony and Maria, the doomed lovers caught u... Read more

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

Director: Nicholas Ray
Starring: Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, James Dean, Dennis Hopper

In one of moviedom's most influential roles, James Dean plays Jim Stark, the new kid in town. Stark's loneliness, frustration and anger mirrored those... Read more

Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice (1969)

Director: Paul Mazursky
Starring: Natalie Wood, Elliott Gould, Robert Culp, Dyan Cannon

Paul Mazursky made his directing debut with this landmark Swingin' Sixties satire, about a sexually liberated couple (Robert Culp and Natalie Wood) wh... Read more

Brainstorm (1983)

Director: Douglas Trumbull
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher

Special-effects wizard Douglas Trumbull directed this technological thriller about a device that enables one to experience someone else's thoughts and... Read more

The Ghost and Mrs Muir (1947)

Director: Joseph L Mankiewicz
Starring: Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison, George Sanders, Natalie Wood

Recent widow Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) rents a house by the ocean, which turns out to be haunted by a cantakerous sea captain (Rex Harrison). Although... Read more