Gothic (1986)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands, Natasha Richardson

Ken Russell recreates a bizarre night at a chateau in Switzerland where Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, and a few friends told scary stories that would late... Read more

Nell (1994)

Director: Michael Apted
Starring: Jodie Foster, Liam Neeson, Natasha Richardson

The death of a hermit woman brings a small-town Southern doctor into the backwoods, where he discovers she had a daughter who's been raised completely... Read more

The Parent Trap (1998)

Director: Nancy Meyers
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson, Lindsay Lohan

Updated remake of Disney's 1961 family film about long-separated identical twins, Hallie and Annie, who meet accidentally at camp and decide to reunit... Read more

Patty Hearst (1988)

Director: Paul Schrader
Starring: Natasha Richardson, William Forsythe, Ving Rhames

The dramatization of the newspaper heiress's kidnapping and subsequent brainwashing by the Symbionese Liberation army. Natasha Richardson stars. Read more

The Comfort of Strangers (1990)

Director: Paul Schrader
Starring: Rupert Everett, Helen Mirren, Christopher Walken, Natasha Richardson

A creepy and darkly erotic tale, set within mysterious yet alluring Venice. Two lovers on vacation are wooed by a bizarre married couple with strange... Read more

The Handmaid's Tale (1990)

Director: Volker Schlondorff
Starring: Natasha Richardson, Aidan Quinn, Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall

A stylish adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel of the not-so-distant future where certain young women are used to bear 'pure' children for the milita... Read more

The White Countess (2005)

Director: James Ivory
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Hiroyuki Sanada, Vanessa Redgrave, Lynn Redgr...

Ralph Fiennes is Jackson, a former American diplomat living in1930s Shanghai. After losing his wife and son in an explosion that also left him blind,... Read more

Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Director: Wayne Wang
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes, Bob Hoskins, Tyler Posey, Stanley Tucci, Natasha...

In this sparkling romantic comedy, Jennifer Lopez is a single mother working as a maid in a luxurious New York City hotel. While trying on a guest's e... Read more

Asylum (2005)

Director: David Mackenzie
Starring: Natasha Richardson, Hugh Bonneville, Gus Lewis, Ian McKellen, Joss Ackland, Mart...

Stella (Natasha Richardson) is the neglected wife of Max (Hugh Bonneville), the new Deputy Superintendent of a maximum security psych hospital on the... Read more

Wild Child (2008)

Director: Nick Moore
Starring: Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson, Shirley Henderson, Aidan Quinn, Alex Pettyfer,...

Malibu brat Poppy (Emma Roberts) has caused so much havoc in her parents' life that they are packing her off to a strict English boarding school. Find... Read more