Hot Air (2018)

Director: Frank Coraci
Starring: Steve Coogan, Neve Campbell

Slick comedy-drama from the director of The Wedding Singer, with Steve Coogan as an abrasive right-wing radio host whose perfect life is thrown into d... Read more

When Will I Be Loved (2003)

Director: James Toback
Starring: Neve Campbell, Dominic Chianese, Fred Weller

Vera (Neve Campbell) is a femme fatale for the 21st century, a beautiful, capricious young woman exploring the limits of her sexual and intellectual p... Read more

The Company (2003)

Director: Robert Altman
Starring: Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco

With the complete cooperation of the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, Robert Altman follows the stories of the dancers, whose professional and personal live... Read more

Wild Things (1998)

Director: John McNaughton
Starring: Neve Campbell, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon

Mainstream taboos (male frontal nudity, bisexuality) abound in this kinky, trash-noir set in the murky waters of the everglades, involving two high sc... Read more

The Sea Wolf (2009)

Director: Mike Barker
Starring: Neve Campbell, Tim Roth, Stephen Campbell Moore, Sebastian Koch

This adventure on the high seas follows the exploits of the notorious Captain Wolf Larsen (Sebastian Koch) who engages young castaway Humphrey Van Wyd... Read more

Lost Junction (2003)

Director: Peter Masterson
Starring: Billy Burke, Jake Busey, Neve Campbell, Charles Powell

Fast-paced, offbeat thriller with a romantic twist centres on a hitchhiker (Billy Burke) who becomes enamoured of a beautiful young woman (Neve Campbe... Read more

The Craft (1996)

Director: Andrew Fleming
Starring: Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Skeet Ulrich, Robin Tunney, Rachel True

Four teenage girls, students at a private Los Angeles school, dabble in witchcraft. At first they're gleeful about their powers, but, eventually thing... Read more

Panic (2000)

Director: Henry Bromell
Starring: William H Macy, Neve Campbell, Tracey Ullman, Donald Sutherland, John Ritter

A mid-life crisis has devoted family man William H. Macy questioning his career choice with a therapist. Problem is, Macy is a killer-for-hire followi... Read more

Drowning Mona (2000)

Director: Nick Gomez
Starring: Danny DeVito, Bette Midler, Jamie Lee Curtis, Neve Campbell, Casey Affleck

Life in a small upstate New York town is changed, apparently for the better, when local harridan Bette Midler drives her Yugo into the Hudson River. P... Read more

Scream (1996)

Director: Wes Craven
Starring: Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Neve Campbell, R...

A group of teens, many of whom are horror fans, are threatened by a mad killer. Writer Kevin Williamson and director Wes Craven, both horror-literate... Read more