The Hairdresser's Husband (1990)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Jean Rochefort, Anna Galiena, Roland Bertin

A young boy with a fixation on a bosomy hairdresser grows up to marry a woman who's practically a reincarnation of his childhood dream. This charming... Read more

Tango (1993)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Philippe Noiret, Richard Bohringer, Miou-Miou

A wicked black comedy from the director of 'The Hairdresser's Husband', guaranteed to provoke and delight in equal measure about a man who got away wi... Read more

Intimate Strangers (2004)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Sandrine Bonnaire, Fabrice Luchini, Anne Brochet, Michel Duchaussoy

In the midst of marital problems, distressed wife Anna decides to see a psychologist. After entering the wrong office, she begins pouring her heart ou... Read more

The Widow Of Saint-Pierre (1999)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil, Emir Kusturica

1850 Saint-Pierre, a forgotten small island near Canada. Neel Auguste is found guilty and condemned to death, but in Saint-Pierre there is neither gui... Read more

A Promise (2013)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Alan Rickman, Rebecca Hall, Richard Madden

Period romantic drama set in 1912 Germany, in which a striver, Friedrich Zeitz (Richard Madden), becomes engaged as a clerk in a steel factory. An orp... Read more

Ridicule (1996)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Fanny Ardant, Charles Berling, Jean Rochefort, Judith Godreche, Bernard Giraudea...

A delightful tale of a young landowner who tries to obtain an audience with King Louis XVI in order to get grant money to drain a swamp. He soon disco... Read more

My Best Friend (2006)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Dany Boon, Julie Gayet, Julie Durand, Henri Garcin

Daniel Auteuil stars in this superbly-written French comedy as a successful antiques dealer whose business partner one day points out to him that he d... Read more

The Man on the Train ( L'Homme Du Train ) (2002)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Johnny Hallyday, Jean Rochefort

Travelling to a small village to rob the local bank, an ageing criminal (Johnny Hallyday) strikes up an unlikely friendship with a retired poetry prof... Read more

The Perfume of Yvonne ( aka Yvonne's Perfume ) (1994)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Hippolyte Girardot, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Sandra Majani

Intriguing and sensuous, this is the tale of one man's haunting romance during the summer of 1958. In a stately resort hotel on picturesque Lake Genev... Read more

The Girl on the Bridge (1998)

Director: Patrice Leconte
Starring: Vanessa Paradis, Daniel Auteuil, Demetre Georgalas

A mysterious knife-thrower (Daniel Auteuil) saves a young woman (Vanessa Paradis) from jumping off a bridge, and recruits her for his death defying ac... Read more