Angels and Insects (1995)

Director: Philip Haas
Starring: Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit

A haunting, erotically charged drama set in Victorian England, where a poor anthropologist decides to take residence with a wealthy family after a dis... Read more

The One and Only (2002)

Director: Simon Cellan Jones
Starring: Richard Roxburgh, Justine Waddell, Jonathan Cake, Patsy Kensit, Michael Hodgson

When Stevie (Justine Waddell) meets Neil (Richard Roxburgh) on the day he comes to deliver her brand new kitchen, it's already too late for love at fi... Read more

Absolute Beginners (1986)

Director: Julien Temple
Starring: David Bowie, Patsy Kensit, Eddie O'Connell, Anita Morris, James Fox

When London was starting to swing, they called the first teenagers 'Absolute Beginners'. David Bowie stars in this film which charts the lives of two... Read more

A Chorus of Disapproval (1989)

Director: Michael Winner
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jenny Seagrove, Jeremy Irons, Patsy Kensit, Prunella Scales, Ri...

The film version of the hilarious Alan Ayckbourn stage play. Jeremy Irons is the protagonist who stirs up all sorts of intrigue in a small town when h... Read more

Grace of My Heart (1996)

Director: Allison Anders
Starring: Illeana Douglas, Matt Dillon, Eric Stoltz, Bruce Davison, Patsy Kensit, John Tur...

Illeana Douglas gives a riveting performance as fictional singer/songwriter Denise Waverly, who struggles for over a decade to gain the recognition fo... Read more

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Joss Ackland, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Derrick O'Connor, Patsy Kensi...

LA cop Mel Gibson and reluctant partner Danny Glover are back to take on a South Africa-based drug ring in this action-filled hit sequel. Read more

Little Britain Live: Comic Relief (2007)

Starring: Dawn French, Dennis Waterman, Kate Moss, Patsy Kensit, Matt Lucas, David Walliam...

Raising money for the admirable 'Comic Relief' charity in England, this is a new live show from Matt Lucas and David Walliams. A gaggle of stars appea... Read more

Arms and the Man / The Man of Destiny (1989)

Director: Desmond Davis, James Cellan Jones
Starring: Helena Bonham Carter, Patsy Kensit, Dinsdale Landen, Kika Markham, Pip Torrens,...

First produced for the stage in 1894, 'Arms and the Man' established Shaw's reputation as one of London's great wits. Helena Bonham Carter is Raina,... Read more

Lethal Weapon Legacy: Lethal Weapon / Lethal Weapon 2 / Lethal Weapon 3 / Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, Mitchell Ryan, Joe Pesci, Patsy Kensit, Jo...

Includes all four 'Lethal Weapon' films to date, with Director's Cuts of the first three. Riggs and Murtagh bag the bad guys in their inimitable fash... Read more

Bernard Shaw Collection: Vol. 1 (1989)

Director: David Jones, Desmond Davis, Herbert Wise, James Cellan Jones
Starring: Coral Browne, Penelope Wilton, James Grout, Derek Godfrey, Robert Powell, Helena...

This collection of BBC adaptations brings to life the memorable characterizations, brilliant command of language, and dazzling wit of Bernard Shaw's c... Read more

The George Eliot Collection (2010)

Director: Anthony Page, Giles Foster, Tom Hooper, Ronald Wilson
Starring: Barbara Hershey, Ben Kingsley, Edward Fox, Greta Scacchi, Hugh Bonneville, Iain...

The George Eliot Collection includes onscreen adaptations of Eliot's most famous novels. Eliot created literary masterpieces that detailed ordinary li... Read more