Timeline (2003)

Director: Richard Donner
Starring: Paul Walker, Frances O'Connor, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, David Thewlis

Based on the Michael Crichton novel, this time-travel adventure helmed by Richard Donner ("Ladyhawke") stars Paul Walker as a member of an archeologic... Read more

Nightmare Castle (1965)

Director: Mario Caiano
Starring: Barbara Steele, Paul Muller, Helga Line, Rik Battaglia

Muriel (Barbara Steele) and David (Rik Battaglia) are caught in an adulterous affair by her sadistic husband Stephen (Paul Muller), who subjects the c... Read more

Vampyros Lesbos (1970)

Director: Jesus Franco
Starring: Ewa Stromberg, Soledad Miranda, Dennis Price, Paul Muller

From the prolific Jess Franco comes this savage sexual shocker that mixes horror and lesbian thrills. Ewa Stromberg is the woman haunted by weird drea... Read more

Absence Of Malice (1981)

Director: Sydney Pollack
Starring: Paul Newman, Sally Field, Bob Balaban, Luther Adler

Paul Newman and Sally Field's first-rate performances distinguish this absorbing social drama about Newman's efforts to clear his name after reporter... Read more

Journey in Italy (1954)

Director: Roberto Rossellini
Starring: Ingrid Bergman, George Sanders, Maria Mauban, Paul Muller

A graceful depiction of an eroding marriage that reaches its crisis as the couple holiday in Southern Italy. Roberto Rossellini directed his then-wif... Read more

The Arena (1974)

Director: Steve Carver
Starring: Margaret Markov, Pam Grier, Lucretia Love, Paul Muller, Daniel Vargas

"See wild women fight to the death!" in this 70s exploitation classic from Roger Corman. Kidnapped by Roman soldiers, a voluptuous Nubian slave (Pam G... Read more

Treasure Island (1972)

Director: John Hough
Starring: Orson Welles, Walter Slezak, Lionel Stander, Maria Rohm, Kim Burfield, Paul Mull...

Orson Welles is Long John Silver in this 1972 adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale. Young Jim Hawkins comes into possession of... Read more

Daylight Robbery (2007)

Director: Paris Leonti
Starring: Vas Blackwood, Robert Boulter, Paul Nicholls, Geoff Bell, Johnny Harris, Leo Gre...

Alex masterminds a plan to steal millions in untraceable cash from the London Exchange Bank. Setting up their alibi, Alex and his unlikely gang of rob... Read more

A Soldier's Tale (1989)

Director: Larry Parr
Starring: Benoit Regent, Gabriel Byrne, Judge Reinhold, Maurice Garrel, Marianne Basler, P...

In wartime France a New Zealand soldier on a weekend leave meets a young French woman who is under suspicion of colluding with the occupying Germans t... Read more

Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981)

Director: Daniel Petrie
Starring: Danny Aiello, Kathleen Beller, Ken Wahl, Pam Grier, Paul Newman, Rachel Ticotin,...

In a bombed-out wasteland stands a police station - less a precinct house than a fort in hostile territory. Outside its walls are the murders, the rio... Read more