One Perfect Day (2003)

Director: Paul Currie
Starring: Dan Spielman, Leeanna Walsman, Andrew Howard, Nathan Phillips, Abbie Cornish, Ke...

Tommy Matisse is a gifted musician studying at London's Royal Academy of Music, where he is striving to write a brilliant new operatic song called "On... Read more

The New Twilight Zone: Season 2 (1986)

Director: Bruce Malmuth, Curtis Hanson, Martha Coolidge, Noel Black, Paul Lynch, Wes Craven, Thomas J Wright, etc
Starring: Shelley Duvall, Fred Savage, Tom Skerritt, Lukas Haas, David Faustino, Jeffrey T...

Wes Craven and Curtis Hanson were just two of the directors who got on board for Season Two. Despite this, the show was cancelled midway through the... Read more