Rated X (2000)

Director: Emilio Estevez
Starring: Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Terry Quinn, Peter Bogdanovich

The bizarre, tragic story of the porno mavens known as the Mitchell Brothers ("Behind the Green Door") is chronicled in this film directed by Emilio E... Read more

John Ford Goes To War (2002)

Starring: Oliver Stone, Peter Bogdanovich, Leonard Maltin, Narrated by, Kris Kristofferson

The World War II films of legendary director John Ford are the focus of this insightful documentary narrated by Kris Kristofferson. Highlighting excer... Read more

Humboldt County (2008)

Director: Darren Grodsky, Danny Jacobs
Starring: Brad Dourif, Fairuza Balk, Peter Bogdanovich, Frances Conroy, Madison Davenport,...

Peter Hadley (Jeremy Strong), an uptight and disillusioned medical student, is failed by one of his professors, who happens to be his father. Seeking... Read more

Northern Exposure: Season 5 (1994)

Director: Randall Miller, Mark Horowitz
Starring: Rob Morrow, Janine Turner, Cynthia Geary, Darren E Burrows, John Cullum, Peter B...

The penultimate season of this well-loved show is full of its usual whimsical charm. Shelley is set to have her baby, though a bit of freaking out is... Read more

Broken English (2007)

Director: Zoe Cassavetes
Starring: Gena Rowlands, Josh Hamilton, Parker Posey, Tim Guinee, Peter Bogdanovich, Justi...

Parker Posey is Nora, a 30-something New York hotel worker who feels life is going nowhere. An unexpected romance with a charming Frenchman turns her... Read more

Edge of Outside: The Story of the Independent Filmmaking Movement (2006)

Starring: Robert Townsend, Edward Burns, Seymour Cassel, Peter Bogdanovich, Erich Von Stro...

Exploring independent filmmakers from the early silent days of Buster Keaton and DW Griffith, to modern outsiders like Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorses... Read more

Infamous (2006)

Director: Douglas McGrath
Starring: Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Craig, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hope Davis, Jeff Dani...

The second film to examine Truman Capote's role in the murder trial that culminated in his book, 'In Cold Blood'. Shot just a few months after 'Capot... Read more

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (2003)

Director: Kenneth Bowser
Starring: William H Macy, Karen Black, Peter Bogdanovich, Ellen Burstyn, Micky Dolenz, Ric...

Peter Biskind's best-selling book inspired this acclaimed documentary on the films and colourful filmmakers of the 1960s and '70s. See how the sex 'n'... Read more