Life In The Dead Zone (2018)

Director: Peter Tonks
Starring: Des Morgan, Gabe Page, Jake Hurrell, Chester Dextar

A comedy-drama-mockumentary about Council workers, in a zombie infested city, dealing with office politics, government regulations and the ravenous un... Read more

The Sunshine Man (2006)

Director: Peter Tonks
Starring: Des Morgan

'The Sunshine Man' is a short comedy film about the sale of rose-tinted glasses. A telephone salesman sells memories and dreams to wary customers. Read more

RIP (2013)

Director: Peter Tonks

Shot with still photographs, the story follows a young girl and her grandmother in a remote New Zealand beach community. After the young girl drowns t... Read more

Loop Select 006 (2004)

Director: Adam Stevens, Brian Challis, Steve Ayson, Simon Otto, Tom Reilly, Peter Tonks

This compilation contains a visual basket full of creative content from Aotearoa. Showcasing a collection of 6 music videos and 6 NZ short films inclu... Read more

Loop Select 008 (2007)

Director: Michael Duignan, Paolo Rotondo, Te Arepa Kahi, Sam Kelly, Jeff Hurrell, Jane Shearer, Peter Tonks

This exciting edition from Loop recordings contains a creative selection of New Zealand's best short films, documentaries, music videos and motion gra... Read more