Ivans xtc (2000)

Director: Bernard Rose
Starring: Danny Huston, Peter Weller, James Merendino, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Lisa Enos

Based on Tolstoy's 'The Death of Ivan Ilyich', this remarkable film by Bernard Rose, stars Danny Huston, (son of John), as a powerful Hollywood agent... Read more

Revenge Of The Pink Panther (1978)

Director: Blake Edwards
Starring: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Dyan Cannon

Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom return for the fifth in the Pink Panther series, this one set in Hong Kong. With Dyan Cannon, theme music by Henry Manci... Read more

The Last Goon Show Of All (1972)

Starring: Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan

From 1952 to 1960, 'The Goon Show' played the airwaves. For the BBC's 50th anniversary in 1972, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan reform... Read more

Waltz Of The Toreadors (1962)

Director: John Guillermin
Starring: Peter Sellers, Dany Robin, Margaret Leighton

In this robust adaptation of the Jean Anouilh play, Peter Sellers is General Fitzjohn, whose pursuit of a sexy Parisian is thwarted by his put upon wi... Read more

A Day at the Beach (1970)

Director: Roman Polanski, Simon Hesera
Starring: Peter Sellers, Mark Burns, Fiona Lewis

Bernie (Mark Burns) is an alcoholic escapist who tries the patience of everybody around him with the exception of his niece Winnie (Beatie Edney). Des... Read more

Benji (1974)

Director: Joe Camp
Starring: Peter Breck, Deborah Walley, Edgar Buchanan

America's most lovable mutt, in his first feature film. Benji saves two kids from kidnappers and wins a home and a place in everyone's heart. Nominat... Read more

A Shot in the Dark (1964)

Director: Blake Edwards
Starring: Peter Sellers, Elke Sommer, George Sanders

Quite possibly the best of the Pink Panther films finds the illogically inept Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) attempting to prove the innoc... Read more

The Prisoner of Zenda (1979)

Director: Richard Quine
Starring: Elke Sommer, Lionel Jeffries, Peter Sellers

After the King of Ruritania dies in a hot air balloon accident, his eldest son is kidnapped by the evil Prince Michael, his younger brother, who hopes... Read more

The Ladykillers (Blu-ray) (1955)

Director: Alexander Mackendrick
Starring: Alec Guinness, Cecil Parker, Peter Sellers

Alec Guinness teams with Peter Sellers in this fabulous tale of a group of dumb crooks who become unhinged by a sweet old lady. An Ealing Studios gem. Read more

M (Fritz Lang) (1931)

Director: Fritz Lang
Starring: Peter Lorre, Inge Landgut, Ellen Widmann

Uncut for the first time. Harrowing images, shadows and symbolism permeate Fritz Lang's first sound film, an internationally heralded German cinematic... Read more