I Think We're Alone Now (2018)

Director: Reed Morano
Starring: Peter Dinklage, Elle Fanning, Paul Giamatti, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Del is alone in the world. After the human race is wiped out, he lives in his small, empty town, content in his solitude and the utopia he's methodica... Read more

The Rhythm Section (2020)

Director: Reed Morano
Starring: Blake Lively, Jude Law, Richard Brake

Blake Lively stars as Stephanie Patrick, an ordinary woman on a path of self-destruction after her family is tragically killed in a plane crash. When... Read more

Meadowland (2015)

Director: Reed Morano
Starring: Giovanni Ribisi, John Leguizamo, Luke Wilson, Merritt Wever, Olivia Wilde, Elisa...

Teacher Sarah (Olivia Wilde) and NYC cop Phil (Luke Wilson) are parents to young Jessie (Casey Walker). On a road trip, the family makes a pit stop at... Read more