Mother Teresa (1986)

Director: Ann Petrie, Jeanette Petrie
Starring: Richard Attenborough, (narrated by)

This powerful and inspiring film is considered the definitive portrait of the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mother Teresa. Shot on the run over a per... Read more

The Sand Pebbles (1966)

Director: Robert Wise
Starring: Candice Bergen, Richard Attenborough, Richard Crenna, Steve McQueen

This compelling drama features a splendid performance by Steve McQueen as a jaded sailor on an American gunboat on the Yangtze River in 1926. His incr... Read more

10 Rillington Place (1971)

Director: Richard Fleischer
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt

The true story of British mass murderer John Reginald Christie, played with chilling normality by Richard Attenborough. Throughout the late '40s, Chri... Read more

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999)

Director: David Mallet, Steven Pimlott
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Joan Collins, Donny Osmond

For the first time ever Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webbes fun filled musical has been specially filmed for video. This lively and colourful journey thr... Read more

The Railway Children (2000)

Director: Catherine Morshead
Starring: Jenny Agutter, Richard Attenborough, Michael Kitchen

Jenny Agutter (who played Bobbie in the 1970 film version) stars as Mother alongside Sir Richard Attenborough in a Masterpiece Theater presentation of... Read more

Trial and Error ( The Dock Brief ) (1962)

Director: James Hill
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Peter Sellers, Beryl Reid

Aka 'The Dock Brief'.After nearly 40 years of waiting for his big chance, incompetent barrister Morgenhall (Peter Sellers) gets a "dock brief" to defe... Read more

The Chess Players (1977)

Director: Satyajit Ray
Starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan, Richard Attenborough

Lucknow 1856, two nawabs play chess incessantly while the rule of the province becomes increasingly a pawn in the British game of taking over all of I... Read more

Brannigan (1975)

Director: Douglas Hickox
Starring: John Wayne, Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson

After a racketeer flees to London to avoid extradition, a Chicago cop (John Wayne) follows him to cut him off at the pass. Exciting English locales an... Read more

I'm All Right Jack (1959)

Director: John Boulting
Starring: Ian Carmichael, Peter Sellers, Richard Attenborough

Britain's great comic talents join forces in this hilariously witty spoof of the absurdities of the labour movement. Starring Peter Sellers and Ian Ca... Read more

Sea of Sand (1958)

Director: Guy Green
Starring: John Gregson, Michael Craig, Richard Attenborough

The North African desert in World War II is the setting for this gripping thriller about a British patrol charged with locating and destroying a key G... Read more

Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)

Director: Bryan Forbes
Starring: Kim Stanley, Richard Attenborough, Nanette Newman, Patrick Magee

Kim Stanley plays a crooked medium who has become slightly unhinged since the death of her son. Craving money and publicity, she concocts a scheme wit... Read more

Only Two Can Play (1962)

Director: Sidney Gilliat
Starring: Peter Sellers, Mai Zetterling, Virginia Maskell, Richard Attenborough

Comic genius Peter Sellers stars as John Lewis, a small-town Welsh librarian who is offered an escape from his mundane life and henpecked-husband rout... Read more

Private's Progress (1956)

Director: John Boulting
Starring: Dennis Price, Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough, Terry-Thomas

This splendid farce on army life tells the tale of an undergraduate with no visible talents who joins the army in WWII and soon learns the best ways o... Read more

The Last Grenade (1969)

Director: Gordon Flemyng
Starring: Honor Blackman, Richard Attenborough, Stanley Baker, Alex Cord

Stanley Baker and Alex Cord star in this pin-pulling action yarn as mercenary buddies who become fast enemies when Cord betrays Baker's army while the... Read more

Gift Horse (1951)

Director: Compton Bennett
Starring: Dora Bryan, Richard Attenborough, Sonny Tufts, Trevor Howard

Aka "Glory at Sea". A fine WWII drama with Trevor Howard as a demanding, no-nonsense commander of a battleship who wins the respect of his men while b... Read more

The Angry Silence (1960)

Director: Guy Green
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Pier Angeli, Michael Craig, Bernard Lee

Screenwriter Bryan Forbes won a BAFTA and was nominated for an Oscar for this gritty union story about a man who stands up to coercive union officials... Read more

Loot (1970)

Director: Silvio Narizzano
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Lee Remick, Hywel Bennett, Milo O'Shea

An adaptation of Joe Orton's hilarious stage play, in which a young hood robs a bank and hides the money in his mother's coffin, but isn't able to ret... Read more

Doctor Dolittle (1967)

Director: Richard Fleischer
Starring: Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Anthony Newley, Richard Attenborough, Peter Bull

Rex Harrison is the man who can talk to the animals in this epic musical entertainment for children of all ages, based on the stories of Hugh Lofting.... Read more

Elizabeth (1998)

Director: Shekhar Kapur
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Joseph Fiennes, Christopher Eccleston, Richard At...

Before the Golden Age, Elizabeth was a passionate and naive girl who came to reign over a land divided by bloody turmoil. Amid palace intrigue and att... Read more

Dunkirk (Blu-Ray) (1958)

Director: Leslie Norman
Starring: Bernard Lee, John Mills, Meredith Edwards, Richard Attenborough, Robert Urquhart

A group of soldiers lead by Corporal "Tubby" Bins (John Mills), stranded in France, must make their way to the shores of Dunkirk in hopes of a rescue.... Read more

Jurassic Park (1993)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Peck, Richard Attenborough

Steven Spielberg's brontosaurus-sized blockbuster, based on Michael Crichton's best-seller, follows scientists Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (... Read more

Brighton Rock (1947)

Director: John Boulting
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Carol Marsh, Hermione Baddeley, William Hartnell, Nigel St...

A brutal look at the British underworld as seen through the amoral eyes of teenaged thug Pinkie Brown, played brilliantly by a 24-year-old Richard Att... Read more

Dunkirk (1958)

Director: Leslie Norman
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Bernard Lee, John Mills, Robert Urquhart, Meredith Edwards

This realistic account of the evacuation of more than 350, 000 trapped British and Allied troops from Dunkirk is a well-staged recreation of the actua... Read more

The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

Director: Robert Aldrich
Starring: James Stewart, Richard Attenborough, Peter Finch, Hardy Kruger, Ernest Borgnine

When a cargo plane crashes in the desert, the only hope for the survivors is to try to rebuild the craft before they all perish from heat, deprivation... Read more

John Mills Collection - The Baby and the Battleship / The Family Way / The Gentle Gunman / It's Great to Be Young! (1966)

Director: Basil Dearden, Cyril Frankel, Roy Boulting, Jay Lewis
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Dirk Bogarde, John Mills, Hayley Mills, Hywel Bennett

Cinema icon John Mills stars in four classic films, ranging from an IRA thriller to a war-time farce. 'The Gentle Gunman' (1952) - Mills plays the old... Read more

Guns at Batasi (1964)

Director: John Guillermin
Starring: Flora Robson, Jack Hawkins, Mia Farrow, Richard Attenborough, John Leyton

Richard Attenborough won a BAFTA for his portrayal of Regimental Sergeant-Major Lauderdale, a martinet of the worst type, stuck out in a remote coloni... Read more

All Night Long (1961)

Director: Basil Dearden, Michael Relph
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Patrick McGoohan, Keith Michell, Betsy Blair, Charles Ming...

Directed by Basil Dearden and set in London's jazz scene of the 1950s, this atmospheric updating of Shakespeare's 'Othello' features appearances by so... Read more

Conduct Unbecoming (1975)

Director: Michael Anderson
Starring: Michael York, Richard Attenborough, Trevor Howard, Stacy Keach, Christopher Plum...

Tradition, honour and comradeship are at the core of this gripping and tense courtroom drama, set in a British colonial outpost in India at the end of... Read more

Rosebud (1975)

Director: Otto Preminger
Starring: Cliff Gorman, Peter Lawford, Peter O'Toole, Raf Vallone, Richard Attenborough, C...

In a bold coup, a Palestinian terrorist group hijacks the luxury yacht "Rosebud", the only passengers being five daughters of rich and influential int... Read more

Elizabeth ( Blu-ray ) (1998)

Director: Shekhar Kapur
Starring: Cate Blanchett, Christopher Eccleston, Geoffrey Rush, John Gielgud, Joseph Fienn...

Before the Golden Age, Elizabeth was a passionate and naive girl who came to reign over a land divided by bloody turmoil. Amid palace intrigue and att... Read more

Classic Drama: Boys in Brown / The Spanish Gardener / All Night Long (1956)

Director: Basil Dearden, Philip Leacock, Montgomery Tully
Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Jack Warner, Jon Whiteley, Michael Hordern, Patrick McGoohan, Rich...

For many decades Rank produced dramatic masterpieces that filled cinemas the world over. Quite simply, they had the writers, they had the directors a... Read more

The Great Escape ( Blu-ray ) (1963)

Director: John Sturges
Starring: Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasence, James Coburn, James Donald, James Garner, Ric...

An epic WWII adventure film starring Steve McQueen, unforgettable as "the Cooler King," leading Allied prisoners in a daring escape from a German POW... Read more

Films of James Stewart: Thunder Bay / The Flight of the Phoenix / Bandolero! (1968)

Director: Andrew V McLaglen, Anthony Mann, Robert Aldrich
Starring: Dean Martin, Gilbert Roland, James Stewart, Joanne Dru, Peter Finch, Raquel Welc...

James Stewart Triple Pack. 'Thunder Bay' (1953) - Ambitious oil prospectors Steve Martin (James Stewart) and Johnny Gambi (Dan Duryea) enter the quiet... Read more

The Great Escape (1963)

Director: John Sturges
Starring: Steve McQueen, Richard Attenborough, James Garner, James Donald, James Coburn, D...

An epic WWII adventure film starring Steve McQueen, unforgettable as "the Cooler King," leading Allied prisoners in a daring escape from a German POW... Read more

Gold Cinema Collection: Carve Her Name With Pride / Cottage to Let / Sea of Sand (1958)

Director: Anthony Asquith, Guy Green, Lewis Gilbert
Starring: Virginia McKenna, Paul Scofield, Jack Warner, Leslie Banks, Alastair Sim, John M...

'Carve Her Name With Pride' (1958) Violette Bushell is a young woman living in London in World War 2. She meets a young French soldier whom she falls... Read more

Morning Departure (1950)

Director: Roy Baker
Starring: John Mills, Nigel Patrick, Peter Hammond, Richard Attenborough, George Cole, Ber...

On a routine post-war mission, a submarine strikes a forgotten mine and sinks to the bottom. The twelve-man crew are faced with the probability of per... Read more

Gold Cinema Collection: The League of Gentlemen / The Million Pound Note / Genevieve (1960)

Director: Basil Dearden, Henry Cornelius, Ronald Neame
Starring: Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Richard Attenborough, Gregory Peck, Joyce Grenfell,...

'The League of Gentlemen' (1960) After a forcible 'retirement', Colonel Hyde is bitter about his country's ingratitude. He steals classified informat... Read more

Jurassic Park ( Blu-ray ) (1993)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Ariana Richards, B D Wong, Bob Peck, Jeff Goldblum, Joseph Mazzello, Laura Dern,...

Steven Spielberg's brontosaurus-sized blockbuster, based on Michael Crichton's best-seller, follows scientists Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (... Read more

Puckoon (2002)

Director: Terence Ryan
Starring: Sean Hughes, Elliott Gould, Richard Attenborough, John Lynch, Darragh O'Malley,...

It's 1924 and the Boundary Commission from Britain and Ireland is deciding on the new boundary line between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. A... Read more

The League of Gentlemen (1960)

Director: Basil Dearden
Starring: Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins, Nigel Patrick, Roger Livesey, Kieron Moore,...

A humorous, tension-filled heist film about a former British Army officer who organises a group of his somewhat dodgy friends to pull off a 1,000,000... Read more

In Which We Serve (1942)

Director: David Lean, Noel Coward
Starring: Noel Coward, Bernard Miles, John Mills, Richard Attenborough, Celia Johnson, Kay...

A magnificent documentary-like war drama produced, co-directed, written by, and starring Noel Coward as the captain of a crew of brave, young soldiers... Read more

David Copperfield / Jane Eyre (1970)

Director: Daniel Mann
Starring: Laurence Olivier, Michael Redgrave, Edith Evans, Ron Moody, Richard Attenborough...

'David Copperfield' (1970): Delbert Mann's adaptation of the Dickens classic stars much of the royalty of the British 20th Century stage. Framed in fl... Read more

Jurassic Park Boxset (1993)

Director: Joe Johnston, Steven Spielberg
Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Tea...

'Jurassic Park' - Michael Crichton re-invented his earlier 'Westworld' story by adding dinosaurs to the mix. The result is a thrill ride that became o... Read more

And Then There Were None (1974)

Director: Peter Collinson
Starring: Adolfo Celi, Charles Aznavour, Elke Sommer, Gert Frobe, Herbert Lom, Oliver Reed...

Ten international strangers are invited to stay in a luxurious, but isolated hotel in the Iranian desert. With their mysterious host absent from proce... Read more