Gandhi (1982)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Candice Bergen, Edward Fox, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard, John Mill...

Richard Attenborough's Academy Award-winning epic follows the extraordinary life of Mahatma Gandhi (played by Ben Kingsley), from his beginnings as a... Read more

Chaplin (1992)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Dan Aykroyd, Geraldine Chaplin, Kevin Dunn, Anthony Hopkins, M...

This biopic of the silent cinema stars life from chirpy cockney to embalmed snob is played well by Robert Downey Jr. Dan Aykroyd is Mack Sennett, Gera... Read more

Cry Freedom (Blu-Ray) (1987)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Kevin Kline, Penelope Wilton, Denzel Washington

Donald Woods is chief editor at the liberal newspaper `Daily Dispatch' in South Africa. He has written several editorials critical of the views of Ste... Read more

A Bridge Too Far (1977)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Dirk Bogarde, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Robert Redford, James Caan, Edward Fo...

In September 1944, flush with the success after the Normandy invasion, the Allies confidently launched Operation Market Garden, a bold plan to drop 35... Read more

In Love and War (1995)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Chris O'Donnell, Mackenzie Astin

This film chronicles Ernest Hemingway's WW1 love affair with Red Cross nurse Agnes Von Kurowsky, eight years his senior and the inspiration for the ch... Read more

Grey Owl (1999)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Renee Asherson, Stephanie Cole, Charles Powell, Graham Greene

From director Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) comes the remarkable story of a 1930s frontier trapper who adopted the ways of the wild and found love amo... Read more

A Chorus Line (1985)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Michael Douglas, Audrey Landers, Gregg Burge

Richard Attenborough directs the film version of the long-running Broadway hit musical about an audition for a Broadway chorus line. A diverse cast of... Read more

Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)

Director: Richard Attenborough

The working-class Smiths change their initially sunny views on World War I after the three boys of the family witness the harsh reality of trench warf... Read more

Shadowlands (1993)

Director: Richard Attenborough
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, Joseph Mazzello

An intelligent, observant, handsome adaptation of William Nicholson's award-winning play, inspired by the late-blooming romance between the fifty some... Read more