Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954)

Director: Jack Arnold
Starring: Richard Carlson, Julia Adams, Richard Denning

Orginally shown in 3-D and telling of a scientific team on an expedition down the Amazon where they find more than they bargained for in the form of a... Read more

Girls In Prison (1956)

Director: Edward L Cahn
Starring: Richard Denning, Joan Taylor, Adele Jergens

A 'babes behind bars' film that has it all: a beautiful woman sent to jail on a trumped-up robbery charge, tough inmates looking for a hidden fortune,... Read more

The Day The World Ended (1956)

Director: Roger Corman
Starring: Richard Denning, Adele Jergens, Lori Nelson

Originally released in the fifties during the atomic decade, Day The World Ended tells the story of what happened when man finally destroys himself in... Read more

An Affair to Remember (1957)

Director: Leo McCarey
Starring: Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr, Richard Denning

In this poignant and humourous love story, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on an ocean liner and fall deeply in love. Though each is engaged to someo... Read more

The Leopard Man / The Ghost Ship (1943)

Director: Jacques Tourneur, Mark Robson
Starring: Dennis O'Keefe, Richard Dix

A remote New Mexico town is filled with fear when a killer jungle cat is on the loose and a series of savage murders follows in "The Leopard Man" (194... Read more

Invasion of the Saucer Men / Target Earth (1957)

Director: Edward L Cahn, Sherman A Rose
Starring: Steve Terrell, Gloria Castillo, Frank Gorshin, Richard Denning, Virginia Grey

Invasion Of The Saucerman (1957) - Little Green Men, who arrive on a flying saucer, attack teenagers in lovers lane. Preying on humans by killing them... Read more

Eegah! (1962)

Director: Arch Hall
Starring: Arch Hall Jr, Richard Kiel, Marilyn Manning

Long criticised for it's inept amateurishness, "Eegah!" tells the story of a gigantic Neanderthal who has managed to survive into modern times living... Read more

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

Director: Mike Nichols
Starring: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, George Segal, Sandy Dennis

Based on Edward Albee's smash hit play; Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton star in the story of the love-hate relationship between a middle-aged prof... Read more

Private's Progress (1956)

Director: John Boulting
Starring: Dennis Price, Ian Carmichael, Richard Attenborough, Terry-Thomas

This splendid farce on army life tells the tale of an undergraduate with no visible talents who joins the army in WWII and soon learns the best ways o... Read more

The Glass Key (1942)

Director: Stuart Heisler
Starring: Brian Donlevy, Veronica Lake, Alan Ladd, Bonita Granville, Richard Denning, Jose...

Paul Madvig (Brian Donlevy), a once-corrupt politician, has given up his past and is backing a respectable candidate in the next election. However wh... Read more