Robert Anton Wilson - Maybe Logic (2006)

Starring: Robert Anton Wilson

Guerrilla ontologist. Psychedelic magician. Outer head of the Illuminati. Quantum psychologist. Sit-down comic/philosopher. Discordian Pope. Whatever... Read more

Bottle Rocket (1996)

Director: Wes Anderson
Starring: Robert Musgrave, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Lumi Cavazos, Andrew Wilson

Fresh out of a mental institution, slacker Anthony joins a misfit mastermind for a bookstore robbery. While on the lam he dates a Paraguayan motel mai... Read more

Chunuk Bair (1992)

Director: Dale G Bradley
Starring: Robert Powell, Kevin J Wilson

The tragedy of Gallipoli is told through the heroic experience of the Wellington Regiment over a 3 days as, exhausted and shell-shocked, they battle t... Read more

Walking with Cavemen (2002)

Director: Richard Dale
Starring: Robert Winston

Witness life, death and drama from millions of years ago, and see the incredible history of human evolution unfold. This unique series tells the story... Read more

The Human Mind (2003)

Starring: Robert Winston

Professor Robert Winston takes us on a mind-boggling journey into the most extraordinary organ in our bodies - the brain. Produced for the BBC, this... Read more

Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (1993)

Director: Steven M Martin
Starring: Leonard Theremin, Robert Moog, Brian Wilson

This amazing, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction documentary relates the fascinating life story of Russian-born Leonard Theremin, the inventor of the worl... Read more

The Human Body (1998)

Director: Emma De'ath, Liesel Evans, Richard Dale
Starring: Robert Winston

Life inside the most complex mechanism on earth - our bodies - is explored and explained in this ground-breaking series. The latest imaging techniques... Read more

In Cold Blood (1967)

Director: Richard Brooks
Starring: Robert Blake, John Forsythe, Scott Wilson, Jeff Corey

An engrossing true story, masterfully adapted from the Truman Capote novel, tracing two young killers, their motives and eventual arrest after the mur... Read more

Angela's Ashes (1999)

Director: Alan Parker
Starring: Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle

Director Alan Parker expertly brings Frank McCourt's acclaimed recollection of life in 1930s Limerick, Ireland, to the screen in this touching and emo... Read more

Hoot (2006)

Director: Wil Shriner
Starring: Dean Collins, Clark Gregg, Brie Larson, Logan Lerman, Cody Linley, Tim Blake Nel...

Three schoolkids take on corrupt politicians and greedy land developers in this comic, mystery-adventure based on Carl Hiaasen's novel. When Montana... Read more