McVicar (1980)

Director: Tom Clegg
Starring: Roger Daltrey, Adam Faith

The Who Films present this portrayal of John McVicar (Roger Daltrey), whose real-life escape from the high-security wing of a British prison led to hi... Read more

The Who: The Kids Are Alright (1979)

Director: Jeff Stein
Starring: Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle, Ringo Starr

An explosive look at Rockdom's great band - The Who. Follow the rise of Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, John Entwistle and Roger Daltrey through their spe... Read more

Lisztomania (1975)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Fiona Lewis, Paul Nicholas, Ringo Starr, Roger Daltrey, Sara Kestelman, Rick Wak...

This freewheeling fantasia on the life of pianist Franz Liszt ranks among director Ken Russell's most outrageous efforts. Roger Daltrey, lead singer f... Read more

Tommy ( Collector's Edition ) (1975)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Ann-Margret , Oliver Reed, Roger Daltrey, Eric Clapton, John Entwistle, Keith Mo...

This 2 disc version of The Who's psychedelic rock opera starring Oliver Reed, Ann-Margaret, Elton John and many more, contains a raft of new extras in... Read more

Tommy (1975)

Director: Ken Russell
Starring: Ann-Margret , Oliver Reed, Roger Daltrey, Elton John, Eric Clapton, John Entwist...

Ken Russell's garish and psychedelic handling of The Who's visionary rock opera about a young man named Tommy (Roger Daltrey), who retreats into a mot... Read more

Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series (1999)

Starring: Joe Flaherty, James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Busy Philipps, Seth Rogen, Becky A...

Finally released in New Zealand, Freaks and Geeks follows two groups of teenagers at McKinley High in the 1980s. A classic that launched the careers o... Read more