Bedrooms and Hallways (1998)

Director: Rose Troche
Starring: Kevin McKidd, Hugo Weaving, Tom Hollander

A breezy and bustling farce about a man (Kevin McKidd) who enters therapy after many failed relationships. In the group session he comes clean about h... Read more

The Safety of Objects (2001)

Director: Rose Troche
Starring: Glenn Close, Dermot Mulroney, Jessica Campbell, Patricia Clarkson, Joshua Jackso...

Intricately woven study of family distress from director Rose Troche ("Go Fish") looks at the troubles encountered by four households in the same subu... Read more

Go Fish (1994)

Director: Rose Troche
Starring: Guinevere Turner, V S Brodie, T Wendy McMillan

Described as a 'fun and feisty lesbian romance' telling the tale of a young writer Max (co-writer and producer Guinevere Turner), searching for a suit... Read more

The L Word: Season 1 (2004)

Director: Clement Virgo, Lynne Stopkewich, Mary Harron, Rose Troche, Tony Goldwyn, Various, Daniel Minahan
Starring: Mia Kirshner, Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman, Leisha Hailey, Karina Lombard, Er...

Living up to the blizzard of hype that preceded it, this show took audiences by storm as it followed a close-knit group of lesbian friends living in L... Read more