After the Waterfall (2010)

Director: Simone Horrocks
Starring: Peter McCauley, Sally Stockwell, Antony Starr, Cohen Holloway

Still grieving three years after the disappearance of his four-year-old daughter, forest ranger John (Antony Starr) has separated from his wife Ana (S... Read more

The Truth About Demons (2000)

Director: Glenn Standring
Starring: Karl Urban, Katie Wolfe, Johnathon Hendry, Sally Stockwell

A.k.a. "The Truth About Demons". Harry Ballard, an anthropology lecturer specialising in debunking the occult, receives a threatening videotape from a... Read more

The Insider's Guide To Happiness (2004)

Director: Various
Starring: Fasitua Amosa, Will Hall, Sally Stockwell, Ben Barrington, Samantha Jukes, Paolo...

Arguably the most original drama series to have come out of New Zealand, this quirky, black-humoured show follows the paths of six different people as... Read more