The Battle Of Shaker Heights (2003)

Director: Efram Potelle, Kyle Rankin
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Amy Smart

A quirky teen with a penchant for war reenactments, Kelly Ernswiler (Shia La Beouf) obsesses over military tactics with his buddy Bart (Elden Henson).... Read more

American Honey (2016)

Director: Andrea Arnold
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough, Sasha Lane

An astonishing portrait of youth on the American fringe, American Honey is told through the eyes of a vivacious teenage rebel who joins a group of fel... Read more

Borg vs McEnroe (2017)

Director: Janus Metz
Starring: Stellan Skarsgard, Tuva Novotny, Shia LaBeouf, Sverrir Gudnason

It's the summer of 1980 and Björn Borg (Sverrir Gudnason) is the top tennis player in the world, dominating the sport both on and off the court. A pow... Read more

The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019)

Director: Tyler Nilson, Michael Schwartz
Starring: Zack Gottsagen, Dakota Johnson, Shia LaBeouf, Bruce Dern

The Peanut Butter Falcon is an adventure story set in the world of a modern Mark Twain that begins when Zak (22), a young man with Down syndrome, runs... Read more

Holes (2003)

Director: Andrew Davis
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Patricia Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson, Shia LaBeouf

Delightful screen adaptation of Louis Sachar's immensely popular novel stars Shia LaBeouf as Stanley Yelnats, a young boy wrongly accused of theft who... Read more

Lawless (2012)

Director: John Hillcoat
Starring: Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikows...

A crime drama from John Hillcoat ("The Proposition") set in prohibition-era rural Virginia in the early 1930s, adapted by musician Nick Cave from the... Read more

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

Director: Michael Bay
Starring: Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson, Shia LaBeouf, J...

Michael Bay's third film about the robots who are "more than meets the eye" concerns a Cybertronian spacecraft that crashes on the moon in 1961...and... Read more

Surf's Up (2007)

Director: Chris Buck, Ash Brannon
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, Zooey Deschanel, Jon Heder, James Woods, Diedrich Ba...

An animated mockumentary following surfer penguin Cody Maverick (Shia LaBeouf) from his Antarctic hometown of Shiverpool to the 'Big Z Memorial Surf-O... Read more

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Eli Wallach, Frank Langella, Josh Brolin, Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Carey...

Oliver Stone's long-awaited sequel to his 1987 hit, 'Wall Street', again follows the infamous Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas, who also co-produced the... Read more

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Shia LaBeouf, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone, John Hur...

It's 1957, and aging archeologist Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) is joined by a rebellious young greaser (Shia LaBeouf) on a trip to South America to u... Read more