Room at the Top (1959)

Director: Jack Clayton
Starring: Simone Signoret, Laurence Harvey, Heather Sears

A powerful drama of an opportunist who stops at nothing to make a position for himself in life. Searing in its intensity and superbly acted by Laurenc... Read more

Golden Marie ( Casque d'or ) (1952)

Director: Jacques Becker
Starring: Serge Reggiani, Simone Signoret, Claude Dauphin

Jacques Becker lovingly evokes the belle epoque Parisian demimonde in this classic tale of doomed romance. When gangster's moll Marie (Simone Signoret... Read more

Les Diaboliques (1954)

Director: Henri-Georges Clouzot
Starring: Simone Signoret, Vera Clouzot, Paul Meurisse

An acknowledged influence on "Psycho", Henri-Georges Clouzot's horror classic is the story of a sadistic headmaster who brutalizes his fragile wife an... Read more

Alain Delon: Vol. 1 ( Diabolically Yours / The Widow Couderc / Shock Treatment) (1967)

Director: Julien Duvivier, Pierre Granier-Deferre, Alain Jessua, Jean Chapot
Starring: Alain Delon, Annie Girardot, Senta Berger, Simone Signoret

Dripping with suspicion, laced with intrigue and smoldering with sensuality - four films staring the sexy Alain Delon! Whether playing an amnesia-str... Read more

Army in the Shadows ( aka Army of Shadows ) (1969)

Director: Jean-Pierre Melville
Starring: Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Simone Signoret

A.k.a. 'Army of Shadows'. Based on Joseph Kessel's novel, this war drama follows several months in the life of French Resistance fighter Philippe Gerb... Read more

King and Country (1964)

Director: Joseph Losey
Starring: Barry Foster, Dirk Bogarde, Leo McKern, Simone Signoret, Tom Courtenay

In Joseph Losey's stirring World War I saga, Dirk Bogarde is a no-nonsense British captain assigned to defend fellow soldier Tom Courtenay, accused of... Read more

Ship of Fools (1965)

Director: Stanley Kramer
Starring: Jose Ferrer, Lee Marvin, Oskar Werner, Simone Signoret, Vivien Leigh

This Oscar-winning drama is set on a luxury liner bound for Germany in the early '30s and details the lives, loves, and fears of the passengers and cr... Read more

Is Paris Burning? (1966)

Director: Rene Clement
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron, Jean-Pierre Cassel, George Chak...

Star-heavy WWII epic set in the closing days of the Nazis' rule of Paris. The allied advance is almost upon the capital of France. The French Resistan... Read more