The High Life: Series 1 (1994)

Director: Angela deChastelai Smith
Starring: Alan Cumming, Forbes Masson, Siobhan Redmond, Patrick Ryecart

Hilariously over-the-top and camp Scottish sit-com written by and starring Alan Cumming and Forbes Masson, friends from their days at the Royal Scotti... Read more

Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected: 2.2 (1980)

Director: Giles Foster, Alan Gibson, Philip Dudley
Starring: Mary Tovey, Robin Marchal, Colin Hodges, Raymond Francis, Nigel Havers, Richard...

More tales of the playfully macabre from Roald Dahl. Six episodes include 'The Stinker', 'I'll Be Seeing You', 'The Party', 'Would You Believe It', 'V... Read more

Dogville (2003)

Director: Lars von Trier
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Harriet Andersson, Lauren Bacall, Jean-Marc Barr, Paul Bettany, B...

From director Lars von Trier ("Dancer in the Dark") comes this riveting drama focusing on mysterious fugitive Nicole Kidman as she hides from gangster... Read more