A Countess from Hong Kong (1966)

Director: Charlie Chaplin
Starring: Marlon Brando, Sophia Loren, Sydney Chaplin, Tippi Hedren, Margaret Rutherford

Charlie Chaplin's final directorial effort stars Marlon Brando as a wealthy American diplomat, en route to New York from the Far East on an ocean line... Read more

Heller In Pink Tights (1960)

Director: George Cukor
Starring: Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Margaret O'Brien, Steve Forrest, Eileen Heckart, Ra...

An offbeat Western drama, based on a Louis L'Amour novel, stars Sophia Loren and Anthony Quinn as members of a threadbare theatrical troupe traversing... Read more

Sophia Loren Double: White Sister / The Key (1972)

Director: Carol Reed, Alberto Lattuada
Starring: Fernando Rey, Sophia Loren, Tina Aumont, Trevor Howard, William Holden, Adriano...

"White Sister" (1972) is a comic Italian melodrama recounting the story of a friendship which develops out of a romantic obsession between Sister Germ... Read more

Operation Crossbow (1965)

Director: Michael Anderson
Starring: George Peppard, Jeremy Kemp, John Mills, Sophia Loren, Tom Courtenay, Trevor How...

In the last days of World War II, a group of British commandos is sent on a daring mission deep into Nazi territory to sabotage production of a pair o... Read more

Boccaccio 70 (1962)

Director: Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Vittorio De Sica, Mario Monicelli
Starring: Marisa Solinas, Anita Ekberg, Peppino De Filippo, Romy Schneider, Tomas Milian,...

This loose modern retelling of Boccaccio's Decameron is essentially four short films from four of Italy's finest directors. Fellini, Visconti, Monicel... Read more

Sophia Loren Collection: Heller In Pink Tights (1960) / Desire Under the Elms (1958) / A Breath of Scandal (1960)

Director: Delbert Mann, George Cukor, Michael Curtiz
Starring: Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Burl Ives, Anthony Perkins, Maurice Chevalier, Ange...

This classic collection features three films from Italian screen beauty Sophia Loren. 'Heller In Pink Tights' - Based on the novel by Louis L'Amour, t... Read more

Thunderbirds (2004)

Director: Jonathan Frakes
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Bill Paxton, Brady Corbet, Sophia Myles, Anthony Edwards, Soren Fu...

Energetic live-action version of the '60s Gerry Anderson puppet series follows the adventures of the Tracy family's International Rescue squad. When d... Read more

Between Strangers (2002)

Director: Edoardo Ponti
Starring: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Gerard Depardieu, Sophia Loren, Malcolm McDowell, Pete Po...

Olivia (Sophia Loren) has been secretly sketching for years, but recently there is an urgency to her drawings. Recurring dreams pull her toward the da... Read more

El Cid (1961)

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Charlton Heston, Gary Raymond, Genevieve Page, Herbert Lom, Hurd Hatfield, John...

Anthony Mann masterfully directs this classic tale of the 11th-century hero El Cid (Charlton Heston), who fought to unite Spain and drive out Moorish... Read more

The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Alec Guinness, Anthony Quayle, Christopher Plummer, James Mason, John Ireland, M...

Based on true events, this epic charts the decadence, corruption, and intrigue that tears apart the greatest empire the world has ever seen and leads... Read more