Bonjour Timothy (1995)

Director: Wayne Tourell
Starring: Sabine Karsenti, Sylvia Rands, Dean O'Gorman, Sydney Jackson, Angela Bloomfield

A college student, Timothy (Dean O'Gorman), and his family are awaiting the arrival of Michele, a French-Canadian male exchange student. Turns out, Mi... Read more

Crooked Earth (2001)

Director: Sam Pillsbury
Starring: Temuera Morrison, Lawrence Makoare, Jaime Passier-Armstrong, Quinton Hita, Nancy...

After 20 years service in the army, Captain Will Bastion (Temuera Morrison) is forced to resign his commission for an incident his superiors want kept... Read more

Changing Lanes (2002)

Director: Roger Michell
Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Ben Affleck, Toni Collette, Sydney Pollack, William Hurt, Aman...

A fender-bender on a busy New York highway turns into an escalating battle of wills between recovering alcoholic Samuel L. Jackson, whose chances of r... Read more

The Finished People (2003)

Director: Khoa Do
Starring: Rodney Anderson, Joe Le, Jason McGoldrick

One of the most highly regarded and criminally neglected of new Australian feature films, 'The Finished People' was shot in Cabramatta with a cast of... Read more

Cagney and Lacey: Season 1 (1982)

Starring: Tyne Daly, Sharon Gless, John Karlen, Philip Baker Hall, Lance Henriksen, Grace...

Here was something entirely new: a cop show featuring two strong and intelligent female detectives in a male-dominated workforce. Credited as a ground... Read more

Nine Lives (2005)

Director: Rodrigo Garcia
Starring: LisaGay Hamilton, Glenn Close, Dakota Fanning, Sissy Spacek, Robin Wright, Aidan...

A scorching ensemble comes together for Rodrigo Garcia's impressive episodic drama, featuring the lives of nine women. Each ten minute glimpse into on... Read more