Save the Last Dance (2001)

Director: Thomas Carter
Starring: Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas, Kerry Washington, Terry Kinney

In this romantic drama set in the gritty world of urban Chicago, a white, suburban girl (Julia Stiles) sparks a clash of cultures, both ethnic and art... Read more

Amber Frey: Witness for the Prosecution (2005)

Director: Peter Werner
Starring: Terry Kinney, Janel Moloney, Nathan Anderson

This made-for-TV movie is based on Amber Frey's book following the sensational trial that involved her and her ex-lover Scott Peterson and captivated... Read more

The House of Mirth (2000)

Director: Terence Davies
Starring: Gillian Anderson, Dan Aykroyd, Terry Kinney, Anthony LaPaglia, Laura Linney, Eri...

Adapted from the novel by Edith Wharton ('The Age of Innocence'), the glittering yet treacherous world of New York high society comes to brilliant lif... Read more

Turn the River (2007)

Director: Chris Eigeman
Starring: Famke Janssen, Jaymie Dornan, Rip Torn, Matt Ross, Lois Smith, Terry Kinney

Famke Janssen plays Kailey, a woman who makes her living gambling and hustling pool in seedy bars. Her lifestyle drove a wedge between her and her hus... Read more

Not the Messiah: He's a Very Naughty Boy (2010)

Director: Aubrey Powell
Starring: Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Neil Innes, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Carol Clevelan...

In 1979, "Monty Python's Life of Brian" turned the Biblical epic on its head. Now, the makers of "Spamalot" (the hit stage musical based on "Monty Pyt... Read more

Fools Rush In (1997)

Director: Andy Tennant
Starring: Matthew Perry, Salma Hayek, Jon Tenney, Jill Clayburgh

In this romantic comedy Matthew Perry plays a New Yorker working in a nightclub in Las Vegas who has a one-night stand with Salma Hayek. When she beco... Read more

Oxygen (1999)

Director: Richard Shepard
Starring: Adrien Brody, Maura Tierney, James Naughton, Laila Robins, Paul Calderon, Olek K...

Somewhere a woman is buried alive and will run out of air in 24 hours. Her only chance for survival lies with a troubled female cop who must confront... Read more

Come In Spinner (1990)

Director: Robert Marchand
Starring: Kerry Armstrong, Justine Clarke, Rebecca Gibney, Lisa Harrow, Gary Sweet, Martin...

Adapted from the Australian war-time novel by Dymphna Cusack and Florence James, this acclaimed mini-series centres on the lives of three women runnin... Read more

Robots (2005)

Director: Chris Wedge
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Greg Kinnear, Mel Brooks, Drew Carey, Amanda Bynes,...

With the help of his misfit mechanical friends, Rodney (voice of Ewan McGregor), a small town robot, heads for the big city to pursue his dreams. Fro... Read more

Mental (2012)

Director: P J Hogan
Starring: Anthony LaPaglia, Caroline Goodall, Deborah Mailman, Kerry Fox, Rebecca Gibney,...

"Mental" reunites writer-director P.J. Hogan with his original leading lady Toni Collette for the first time since "Muriel's Wedding". The film follow... Read more