Breaker! Breaker! (1977)

Director: Don Hulette
Starring: Chuck Norris, Terry O'Connor, George Murdock

When trucker Billy Dawes (Michael Augenstein) vanishes during his first solo run, his older brother, J.D. (Chuck Norris), sets out in search of answer... Read more

Innocence (2000)

Director: Paul Cox
Starring: Julia Blake, Charles Tingwell, Terry Norris

Lovers in Belgium during WWII, Claire (Julia Blake) and Andreas (Charles Tingwell) are shocked to find after a 45 year seperation, they are neighbours... Read more

Looking for Grace (2015)

Director: Sue Brooks
Starring: Radha Mitchell, Richard Roxburgh, Terry Norris, Odessa Young

When rebellious 16-year-old Grace (Odessa Young) takes off, her exasperated mum & dad (Radha Mitchell & Richard Roxburgh) enlist the help of a nearly... Read more

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)

Director: Justin Chadwick
Starring: Naomie Harris, Terry Pheto, Idris Elba

A chronicle of Nelson Mandela's life journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his inauguration as the first democratically elected pre... Read more

Pollyanna (2003)

Director: Sarah Harding
Starring: Pam Ferris, Tom Bell, Amanda Burton, Georgina Terry

Adaptation of the classic tale in which a young orphan, Pollyanna, goes to stay with her rich but bitter Aunt Polly. Soon Pollyanna introduces mirth a... Read more

Robin Hood (Disney) (1973)

Director: Wolfgang Reitherman
Starring: Voices Of, Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov, Terry-Thomas

Disney's animated version of the legend casts Robin as a fox battling the evil wolf sheriff of Nottingham for freedom in Sherwood Forest. Peter Ustin... Read more

The Cars That Ate Paris / The Plumber (1974)

Director: Peter Weir
Starring: John Meillon, Terry Camilleri, Kevin Miles, Judy Morris, Ivar Kants, Candy Raymo...

A classic double feature from acclaimed director Peter Weir. "The Cars That Ate Paris" (1974) - Australian director Peter Weir's first feature is a de... Read more

Gun Crazy (1950)

Director: Joseph Lewis
Starring: Peggy Cummins, John Dall, Berry Kroeger, Morris Carnovsky, Anabel Shaw

When gun fancier Bart Tare sees Annie Laurie Starr's sideshow sharpshooting act, he's a dead-bang goner. He and she go together, as Bart ultimately sa... Read more

Salvation (2007)

Director: Paul Cox
Starring: Bruce Myles, Wendy Hughes, Natalia Novakova, Alex Menglet, Kim Gyngell, Barry Hu...

Barry is an aging, well-to-do Bible scholar and frustrated artist, emotionally stifled by his sexless marriage to well-known Aussie televangelist Glor... Read more

Irresistible (2006)

Director: Ann Turner
Starring: Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Emily Blunt, Charles Tingwell, William McInnes, Terry...

Sophie (Susan Sarandon), is still struggling with the death of her mother when she becomes convinced that her husband Craig (Sam Neill) and her childr... Read more