Larva (2005)

Director: Tim Cox
Starring: William Forsythe, Rachel Hunter, Vincent Ventresca

After relocating to the small ranching community of Host, Missouri, headstrong veterinarian Eli learns of a strange illness affecting the town's cattl... Read more

Alien Lockdown (2004)

Director: Tim Cox
Starring: Martin Kove, James Marshall, John Savage, Michelle Goh

A scientist's experiments on alien DNA found in a meteorite that crashed on Earth thousands of years ago have resulted in the creation of a monstrous... Read more

Sister Wendy: The Complete Collection (1992)

Director: Tim Robinson, John Hooper, Ben Fox, David Kremer
Starring: Sister Wendy Beckett

The inimitable Sister Wendy brings her inspiring brand of critique to the world's art galleries. Included are 4 full length BBC programs: "Sister Wend... Read more