The Full Monty (1997)

Director: Peter Cattaneo
Starring: Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Addy

Six unemployed men inspired by a troupe of male strippers, decide they can make a small fortune by putting on a show of their own but with one differe... Read more

Priest (1994)

Director: Antonia Bird
Starring: Linus Roache, Tom Wilkinson, Robert Carlyle

A provocative drama about a man of the cloth who finds himself caught between sacred vows and his own personal beliefs, in particular his closet homos... Read more

Denial (2016)

Director: Mick Jackson
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Timothy Spall, Tom Wilkinson

Historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz) has written a book about Holocaust deniers. After dedicating a few harshly worded paragraphs towards revisio... Read more

In the Bedroom (2001)

Director: Todd Field
Starring: Sissy Spacek, Tom Wilkinson, Nick Stahl, Marisa Tomei

Powerhouse family drama from debuting director Todd Field is set in a small town in Maine where Sissy Spacek, a music teacher and physician husband To... Read more

If Only (2004)

Director: Gil Junger
Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Nicholls

Jennifer Love Hewitt is Samantha, a talented young singer/songwriter who's just met the love of her life (Paul Nicholls) while studying classical musi... Read more

The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

Director: Stephen Hopkins
Starring: Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer, Tom Wilkinson

This intense adventure drama based on a true story and set in 1890s East Africa stars Val Kilmer as an engineer sent to build a bridge but the campsit... Read more

Felony (2013)

Director: Matthew Saville
Starring: Tom Wilkinson, Joel Edgerton, Melissa George, Jai Courtney

Malcolm Toohey (Joel Edgerton) has the perfect life: a great family and a job as a respected police officer. One night, after celebrating a successful... Read more

The Debt (2011)

Director: John Madden
Starring: Helen Mirren, Tom Wilkinson, Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain

In 1966, Israeli Mossad agent Rachel Singer (Jessica Chastain) takes part in the cover-up of a botched mission when the former Nazi surgeon she was as... Read more

Cassandra's Dream (2007)

Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Tom Wilkinson, Hayley Atwell, Sally Hawkins

The pursuit of money and an act of murder test the bonds of brothers Ian (Ewan McGregor) and Terry (Colin Farrell) in writer/director Woody Allen's in... Read more

Normal (2003)

Director: Jane Anderson
Starring: Jessica Lange, Tom Wilkinson, Clancy Brown, Hayden Panettiere

Tom Wilkinson and Jessica Lange are a long-married couple who have a typical family life in a small Illinois town. That is, until father of two, manuf... Read more