Django Kill! (1967)

Director: Giulio Questi
Starring: Tomas Milian

AKA ' If You Live, Shoot!' This surreal Spaghetti Western finds Tomas Milian walking into a town in the midst of a bloody conflict between a group of... Read more

Identification of a Woman (1982)

Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Starring: Tomas Milian, Daniela Silverio, Christine Boisson

Michelangelo Antonionis Identification of a Woman is a body- and soul-baring voyage into one mans artistic and erotic consciousness. After his wife... Read more

King David (1985)

Director: Bruce Beresford
Starring: Alice Krige, Edward Woodward, Richard Gere, Tomas Milian

Richard Gere is the King of Israel in this lavish, visually stunning historical adventure from director Bruce Beresford. See David's boyhood as a shep... Read more

The Companeros (1970)

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Starring: Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Fernando Rey, Jack Palance

An interesting Spaghetti Western with political themes in which mercenary Franco Nero joins revolutionary Thomas Milian to help free a pacifist profes... Read more

La Luna (1979)

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Starring: Jill Clayburgh, Renato Salvatori, Tomas Milian, Matthew Barry, Veronica Lazar

When her husband dies suddenly, Caterina (Jill Clayburgh) takes her teenaged son to Italy, where she will be performing in several operas. As she imme... Read more

Boccaccio 70 (1962)

Director: Federico Fellini, Luchino Visconti, Vittorio De Sica, Mario Monicelli
Starring: Marisa Solinas, Anita Ekberg, Peppino De Filippo, Romy Schneider, Tomas Milian,...

This loose modern retelling of Boccaccio's Decameron is essentially four short films from four of Italy's finest directors. Fellini, Visconti, Monicel... Read more

Radiance (1997)

Director: Rachel Perkins
Starring: Rachael Maza, Deborah Mailman, Trisha Morton-Thomas

A mixture of the dramatic and humorous unfold as three young women re-unite, after many years apart, for their mother's funeral. Each with a different... Read more

Sunshine on Leith (Blu-ray) (2013)

Director: Dexter Fletcher
Starring: Jane Horrocks, Jason Flemyng, Peter Mullan, George MacKay, Antonia Thomas, Freya...

This film is a jubilant, heartfelt musical about the power of home, the hearth, family and love. It is the tale of one tight-knit family, and the thre... Read more

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2 (2003)

Director: Nick Marck
Starring: Randy Quaid, Miriam Flynn, Dana Barron, Jake Thomas, Eric Idle, Edward Asner, Fr...

The Griswolds' lovable country cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) takes center stage in this hilarious sequel. When Eddie is bitten by a laboratory monkey, hi... Read more

The Outer Limits: Sex and Science Fiction Collection (1997)

Starring: Alyssa Milano, Jon Tenney, Natasha Henstridge, Nancy Allen, Fred Savage, Neil Pa...

The 1990s update of the original 60s cult classic again blurs the line between fact and fiction to reveal our greatest hopes… and our darkest fears!... Read more