William S Burroughs: A Man Within (2010)

Director: Yony Leyser
Starring: David Cronenberg, Laurie Anderson, William Burroughs, John Waters, Patti Smith

His groundbreaking writings have influenced beatniks, punk rockers, and other disaffected folk for decades. Follow the tempestuous personal life of au... Read more

Lost in Space - Season 1: Episodes 1 - 16 (1965)

Director: Alex Singer, Leo Penn, Leonard Horn, Tony Leader, Sobey Martin, Alvin Ganzer, Paul Stanley
Starring: Angela Cartwright, Mark Goddard, Jonathan Harris, Marta Kristen, June Lockhart,...

This intergalactic family saga is a one-of-a-kind sci-fi classic that earned an enormous following of devoted fans. Created by legendary film producer... Read more