The Salzburg Festival (2006)

Director: Tony Palmer

The Salzburg Festival has hosted every great star of the opera and concert hall, from Toscanini to Anne-Sophie Mutter, from Fischer-Dieskau to Barenbo... Read more

The Space Movie (1980)

Director: Tony Palmer

Made in 1979, at the request of NASA, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the historic 1969 moon landing, Tony Palmer's breathtaking documentary feat... Read more

Wagner (1983)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Gemma Craven, Joan Plowright, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson, Richard Burton, Va...

Historical dazzler stars Richard Burton as the notorious composer, philosopher and scoundrel Richard Wagner. His exploits were the talk of Europe; his... Read more

All My Loving (1968)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Frank Zappa

The first BBC documentary ever to be televised in the United States, this fascinating film by Tony Palmer chronicles the music of the 1960s and its im... Read more

All You Need Is Love (1977)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Kiss , The Byrds , Joan Baez, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Pat Boone, David Bowie,...

Broad and ambitious in scope, this British documentary series chronicling the "story of popular music" was made at the suggestion of John Lennon. Film... Read more

Stravinsky: Once at a Border... (1982)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Stravinsky

Awarded the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco Film Festival, this autobiographical film about one of the most important and influential composer... Read more

John Osborne and the Gift Of Friendship (2006)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: John Osborne

In 1956 John Osborne forever changed the look of British theatre with his emotionally charged play "Look Back in Anger". Acclaimed director Tony Palme... Read more

Benjamin Britten: A Time There Was... (2006)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Benjamin Britten

Tony Palmer's absorbing documentary is an in-depth look at the prolific and controversial British composer Benjamin Britten. Showing musical gifts ear... Read more

Parsifal (1998)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Violeta Urmana, Placido Domingo, Matti Salminen, Nikolai Putilin

Narrated by internationally renowned tenor Palcido Domingo this look at of Richard Wagner's operatic retelling of the story of the search for the Hol... Read more

Testimony (1987)

Director: Tony Palmer
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Terence Rigby, Ronald Pickup

The enthralling study of the life and times, the artistry and the anguish of the Russian composer Dimitri Shostakovich - a Russian who fell from grace... Read more