Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace (2000)

Director: Eric Till
Starring: Robert Joy, Ulrich Noethen, Ulrich Tukur

What is a moral person to do in a time of savage immorality? That question tormented Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction who... Read more

Amen (2002)

Director: Constantin Costa-Gavras
Starring: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz

In WWII Germany, a chemical engineer and SS lieutenant is shocked to learn that the Zyklon B he helped develop to purify drinking water will be used t... Read more

Operation Valkyrie (2004)

Director: Jo Baier
Starring: Hardy Kruger, Ulrich Tukur, Sebastian Koch

A thrilling historical drama detailing the events leading up to one of the most prominent assassination attempts of Adolph Hitler by his own soldiers.... Read more

The Airlift (2005)

Director: Dror Zahavi
Starring: Heino Ferch, Ulrich Tukur, Bettina Zimmermann

Set in post-WW2 Berlin, the two-part drama, The Airlift, encapsulates a sweeping love story between a German woman and an American soldier. After her... Read more

The White Ribbon (2009)

Director: Michael Haneke
Starring: Ursina Lardi, Ulrich Tukur, Leonie Benesch, Christian Friedel

Michael Haneke ('Funny Games', 'Code Unknown', etc) does not make films with easy answers. 'The White Ribbon' offers a view of a small pre-WWI German... Read more

The Lives of Others (2006)

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Starring: Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Muhe, Sebastian Koch, Ulrich Tukur, Thomas Thieme, Hans-U...

This skilfully-crafted thriller, deserving winner of the Oscar and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, is an intelligent and potent blend of polit... Read more

Solaris (2002)

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: George Clooney, Jeremy Davies, Natascha McElhone, Viola Davis, Ulrich Tukur

Aboard a lonely space station orbiting a mysterious planet, terrified crew members are experiencing a host of strange phenomena, including resurrected... Read more

Within the Whirlwind (2010)

Director: Marleen Gorris
Starring: Emily Watson, Ian Hart, Pam Ferris, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Ulrich Tukur

From the Academy Award Winning Director of "Antonia's Line". During Stalin's reign of terror, Evgenia Ginzburg, a literature professor, was sent to 10... Read more

City of War: The John Rabe Story (2010)

Director: Florian Gallenberger
Starring: Steve Buscemi, Daniel Bruhl, Dagmar Manzel, Anne Consigny, Jingchu Zhang, Ulrich...

Based on the shocking events of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre, this German-French-Chinese historical drama tells the story of German businessman John Rabe... Read more

The Ax ( Le Couperet ) (2005)

Director: Constantin Costa-Gavras
Starring: Jose Garcia, Karin Viard, Geordy Monfils, Christa Theret, Ulrich Tukur, Olivier...

Based on the novel by David E. Westlake, this dark satire on the competetive job market stars Jose Garcia as Bruno Davert, a man who, two years after... Read more

Seraphine (2008)

Director: Martin Provost
Starring: Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur, Anne Bennent, Genevieve Mnich, Nico Rogner, Franco...

Frenchwoman Seraphine de Senlis, lived from 1864 to 1942. A shepherdess and housekeeper, in her private hours she painted incredible floral arrangemen... Read more

North Face (2008)

Director: Philipp Stolzl
Starring: Benno Furmann, Florian Lukas, Johanna Wokalek, Georg Friedrich, Simon Schwarz, U...

In 1936, Nazi Germany is looking to build up their international reputation, so when a pair of German climbers die in an effort to climb the treachero... Read more