Swept From The Sea (1997)

Director: Beeban Kidron
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Vincent Perez, Ian McKellen

Based on Joseph Conrad's timeless story about a woman in a small coastal town's experience with the sole survivor of a shipwreck. This intoxicating mi... Read more

3 is a Crowd ( Je reste! ) (2003)

Director: Diane Kurys
Starring: Sophie Marceau, Vincent Perez, Charles Berling, Pascale Roberts

AKA "Je Reste!" Marie-Dominique has been married to Bertrand for 15 years. They have a young son, a lovely home and a seemingly blissful marriage. But... Read more

Le Bossu (1997)

Director: Philippe De Broca
Starring: Daniel Auteuil, Vincent Perez, Marie Gillain, Fabrice Luchini

AKA "On Guard". From director Philippe de Broca ("King of Hearts") comes this lively swashbuckling adventure set in 18th-century France. When best fr... Read more

Time Regained (1999)

Director: Raoul Ruiz
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart, John Malkovich, Vincent Perez

AKA 'Le Temps Retrouve'. A supremely elegant, beautifully designed adaptation of the last volume of Proust's masterwork 'Remembrance of Things Past'.... Read more

Indochine (1992)

Director: Regis Wargnier
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham

Set in 1930's French Indo-China this film studies the fascinating relation-ship between two women - a French mother and her adopted Indochinese daught... Read more

I Dreamed of Africa (2000)

Director: Hugh Hudson
Starring: Kim Basinger, Vincent Perez, Eva Marie Saint, Liam Aiken

In this true story, Kim Basinger is Kuki Gallmann, a divorced Italian socialite who weds dashing young adventurer Vincent Perez and, along with her yo... Read more

The Crow: City of Angels (1996)

Director: Tim Pope
Starring: Ian Dury, Iggy Pop, Mia Kirshner, Thomas Jane, Vincent Perez

French actor Vincent Perez steps into the late Brandon Lee's shoes in this stylish sequel that finds the undead hero returning for revenge in a decayi... Read more

Queen Margot ( La Reine Margot ) (1994)

Director: Patrice Chereau
Starring: Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil, Vincent Perez, Jean-Hugues Anglade

An intelligent and moving epic based on a Dumas' novel of the events surrounding the notorious St Bartholemew's Day massacre in 16th Century France. T... Read more

Queen of the Damned (2002)

Director: Michael Rymer
Starring: Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Marguerite Moreau, Lena Olin, Paul McGann, Vincent Pe...

Based on the novel from Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles' series, this over-the-top horror outing stars Aaliyah as Queen Akasha, an evil and powerf... Read more

Cyrano De Bergerac (1950/1990 Versions) (1990)

Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Michael Gordon
Starring: Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Gerard Depardieu, Jacques Weber, Anne...

A double helping of "Cyrano De Bergerac". "Cyrano De Bergerac" (1950) - Jose Ferrer won an Academy Award for his stunning portrayal of the fabled 17th... Read more