Sideways (2004)

Director: Alexander Payne
Starring: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, Sandra Oh

A wine tasting road trip to salute Jack's (Thomas Haden Church) final days as a bachelor careens woefully sideways as he and Miles (Paul Giamatti) hit... Read more

The Hot Spot (1990)

Director: Dennis Hopper
Starring: Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Connelly

Based on Charles William's 1952 novel 'Hell Hath No Fury', this atmospheric, erotic drama features Don Johnson as a drifter who embarks on a wild rela... Read more

Swamp Thing (2019)

Starring: Virginia Madsen, Derek Mears

Abby Arcane returns home to Marais, Louisiana to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, only to discover the dark, terrifying mysteries of the swamp. Read more

Electric Dreams (1984)

Director: Steve Barron
Starring: Bud Cort, Lenny von Dohlen, Maxwell Caulfield, Virginia Madsen

Lonely architect Miles purchases a fancy new "Pine cone" personal computer and clumsily spills champagne on it which, of course, imbues the computer w... Read more

Candyman (1992)

Director: Bernard Rose
Starring: Xander Berkeley, Virginia Madsen, Tony Todd, Kasi Lemmons

Virginia Madsen resurrects a mythical hook-handed killer from beyond by foolishly repeating his name five times while looking in the mirror, in this C... Read more

Creator (1985)

Director: Ivan Passer
Starring: Peter O'Toole, Mariel Hemingway, Vincent Spano, Virginia Madsen

Nobel laureate Harry Wolper (Peter O'Toole), is obsessed with a project to recreate his wife from cells he has kept since her death 30 years ago. He n... Read more

Diminished Capacity (2008)

Director: Terry Kinney
Starring: Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda, Virginia Madsen, Dylan Baker, Bobby Cannavale, Lou...

A delightfully bittersweet comedy with Matthew Broderick as a newspaper editor who finds himself rotated from the political section to the comic strip... Read more

Highlander II: Renegade Version (Special Edition) (1991)

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Starring: Christopher Lambert, John C McGinley, Michael Ironside, Sean Connery, Virginia M...

It's 2024 and MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and Ramirez (Sean Connery) are back to save planet Earth. Ozone depletion, time travel and corporate greed... Read more

The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

Director: Peter Cornwell
Starring: Elias Koteas, Martin Donovan, Virginia Madsen, Amanda Crew, Kyle Gallner

When the Campbell family moves to upstate Connecticut they soon learn that their charming Victorian home has a disturbing history: not only was the ho... Read more

Better Watch Out (2016)

Director: Chris Peckover
Starring: Virginia Madsen, Patrick Warburton, Ed Oxenbould, Levi Miller, Olivia DeJonge

Ashley travels to the suburban home of the Lerners to baby-sit their 12-year-old son Luke at Christmastime. She must soon defend herself and the young... Read more