Assembly (2007)

Director: Feng Xiaogang
Starring: Zhang Hanyu, Yuan Wenkang, Deng Chao

Acclaimed Chinese director Feng Xiaogang brings the little known Chinese Civil War into light with this powerful and unflinching film based on a true... Read more

The Message (2009)

Director: Qunshu Gao, Kuo-fu Chen
Starring: Xiaoming Huang, Dahong Ni, Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Hanyu

1942, Nanking: following a series of assassination attempts on Japanese officials, the spy chief collects those suspected of the attempted-sabotage in... Read more

White Vengeance (2011)

Director: Daniel Lee
Starring: Leon Lai, Yifei Liu, Zhang Hanyu, Shaofeng Feng

In a time of tyranny and oppression, deception is everywhere. Insurgency swells among the people as two friends battle for supremacy - and the love of... Read more