28,000 of the Best Films Ever Made, Only a Few Clicks Away

(Plus a Feature You Won't Find Anywhere Else)

Dear movie lover,

Do you enjoy watching quality films in the comfort of your own home? But do you often find it difficult to find something you like?

You might even have a lot of options like Sky, Apple TV or Netflix but you still end up watching mediocre films or nothing at all.

Fortunately, there is a way out...

Your Entertainment on Autopilot

Alice in Videoland was created over 30 years ago as a specialist film library with not only all the greatest movies ever made, but also the very best and most interesting available on the planet. We have since amassed over 28,000 unique titles (the largest in NZ).

However, we realised that having thousands of titles makes us nothing more than just another alternative like Netflix.

This is why we came up with a feature that separates us from everything you've ever tried. Read on...

how it works

Once you join, you'll also have your own special login to our new website that lets you easily add as many films as you like to your film queue. Then you can edit your queue however you like, adding and subtracting until you have the perfect list of films ready to be sent out to you. We then automatically send you the films from the top of your film queue with our overnight courier service. The discs come in protective sleeves with a freepost return envelope included so you can send them back once you are done. But you don’t need to wait long until we send you more discs, simply mark them as returned on your queue screen and you’ll have more discs the very next day!

So you want to join Alice?

Choose how you prefer to get your DVDs from us.

Our Collection Is Normally Reserved for People from the Christchurch Area, but...

Until now, our film library has only been accessible to the people living in the Christchurch area. But now, with the advent of our new free home delivery service, it’s available to all of New Zealand with just a few clicks.

Take a stroll through our award-winning store using the virtual walkthrough below.

Important Notice:

We are only accepting a limited number of new members before we hit capacity.

We only have one or two copies of each film, which means we can only provide this unique service to a limited number of customers. We will not be accepting new members once we hit capacity to ensure a great experience for all subscribers. This could happen anytime soon so we strongly advise you to register before this happens. TIP: Once registered, you can also pause your account and resume it at anytime.

Memberships Plans That Fit Everyone's Pocket

Choose one of our great value monthly plans that best suit your viewing habits. All of our plans get the same great service, including free overnight delivery and access to our 28,000 plus film library. A Flexi (pay-as-you-go) option is also available for those who don't watch a consistent amount of films on a monthly basis or already have a service like Netflix.
We are so confident you’ll love our service that we offer a FULL 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!



per month
8 - 15 discs per package
Unlimited packages per month!
Overnight Delivery
Most Popular


per month
Up to 6 discs per package
One package per month
Overnight Delivery


per month
Up to 3 discs per package
One package per month
Overnight Delivery


per disc
1 - 12 discs per package
Overnight Delivery

Click on SELECT PLAN for the membership type you prefer to get started.

Why Rents DVDs in 2018?

This is a question we get asked often and our answer is always the same. First, other services lack true depth of good films. And second, the good films they have are hard to find.

The truth is that Alice DVD subscriptions are not just for those who prefer DVDs. It's ultimately a superior service to the alternatives in terms of value and film selection. Take a look at the comparison below.

NZ Film Rental Services

Service Films/Shows HD Price
Alice 28,000+ Yes - Blu-Ray From $14.95/month
Netflix 3,764 Yes From $14.99/month
Lightbox 247 Yes $12.99/month
Sky 410 + 50 Channels Yes $49.91/month
iTunes 8,100 Yes $9.99/film
Aro Video 25,000 No $80 for 10 DVDs

Alice's is not only the best in terms of film selection, but it’s also the best in terms of value for money!


Once you are an online member, you can simply add the films you want to see to your queue. Your queue represents all the films we will post out to you.

We recommend you add at least 10 films to avoid waiting and this enables us to start sending you any films that are available in your queue.

We’ll send you multiple disks at once and get notified via email that they are on their way.

Once you have watched them, send them back to us in the included free post envelope.

As soon as we receive them (overnight delivery) we’ll send you more disks from your queue.

We also have a powerful suggestions tool which will help you discover new great films to add to your queue. We are film specialists and our goal is to provide you with a stream of quality films that you will enjoy.

For the Basic and Premium plan you get 3 and 6 discs per month respectively.

But if you don’t return the discs within the month, then we won’t send you any more discs and your monthly disc credits do not accumulate if you don’t use them.

This is because you can only have your monthly disc allowance amount out at any one time.

This is why it’s in your best interest to return the films back to us if you want to use up your monthly disc allowance each month.

Note we will not refund or credit your account if you didn’t use your monthly disc allowance. It is your responsibility to send the discs back to us each month before your next billing cycle.

No you can't. But you can get all the benefits of our website by creating an in-store user.
Please sign up here.

We use overnight courier, so most of the time you can expect overnight delivery or 2 days in some cases depending on external factors beyond our control such as disruptive weather or rural areas.

While we encourage you to return discs at your earliest convenience (after 30 days) in the consideration of our other members, you can technically keep them as long as you like because there are no overdue fines.

We include a pre-paid return envelope with each home delivery package.

Alice delivers everywhere in NZ! (Excluding the Chatham Islands).

Yes. For all New Releases you will have the option of paying an extra $2.99 to watch it within the first 6 weeks of it’s release. However, for all movies older than 6 weeks from their initial release date are available to all subscription members. So you have the choice of paying $2.99 to watch within the first 6 weeks or free for any older than 6 weeks.
Note: This is slightly different from how Fatso used to work.

All of our subscriptions are based on a monthly disc limit.

Some DVDs contain multiple discs like TV shows which means each disc will count towards your monthly limit. So for example, if your subscription type says 3 discs per month and the TV show is made up of 3 discs, then that will make up your monthly limit.

However, most movies are just one disc so the above would not apply. In cases where there is a special features disc, we will not include that unless you make a special request.

Note: This disc limit is due to the nature of delivery costs as we can only fit 3 discs in each delivery package. This is also the same system both Fatso used and Netflix (before it started streaming).

If you are in Christchurch and come into our store to pick up, you can rent multi-disc DVDs and it will only count as one on your account due to the fact we are not delivering it.

Alice DVD Subscriptions attract No Late Fees!
And you can keep discs as long as you want (excluding New and Recent Releases which are due back 3 days from receiving them).
While we encourage you to return discs at your earliest convenience (after 30 days) in the consideration of our other members, you can technically keep them as long as you like because there are no overdue fines.

You can cancel or pause your account at anytime by simply calling us at 03 365 0615 and we’ll cancel your account immediately provided all discs have been returned.

Note: We cannot cancel your account until all discs have been returned. If you request to cancel your account before all discs have been returned, then we will only process the cancellation once we receive the discs back. Upon successful cancellation or pausing all monthly payments will stop immediately. Pausing your account works exactly the same way.

You can join the Flexi Plan for free and it won’t cost you anything until you decide to rent discs.
Once you are subscribed, you can add films to your queue and once you are ready for us to send you films, simply choose how many discs you want us to send at once from the dropdown menu (0-12).
Note: It is set to 3 discs at once by default, so its up to you to change it if you want more or less otherwise we’ll automatically send you however many discs you specified from your queue.
The Flexi plan is a great option for casual renters who want access to our library but don’t watch a rent on a consistent basis.

So you want to join Alice?

Choose how you prefer to get your DVDs from us.