Once you are an online member, you can simply add the films you want to see to your queue. Your queue represents all the films we will post out to you.

We recommend you add at least 10 films to avoid waiting and this enables us to start sending you any films that are available in your queue.

We’ll send you multiple disks at once and get notified via email that they are on their way.

Once you have watched them, send them back to us in the included free post envelope.

As soon as we receive them (overnight delivery) we’ll send you more disks from your queue.

We also have a powerful suggestions tool which will help you discover new great films to add to your queue. We are film specialists and our goal is to provide you with a stream of quality films that you will enjoy.

Yes. For all New Releases you will have the option of paying an extra $2.99 to watch it within the first 6 weeks of it’s release. However, for all movies older than 6 weeks from their initial release date are available to all subscription members. So you have the choice of paying $2.99 to watch within the first 6 weeks or free for any older than 6 weeks.
Note: This is slightly different from how Fatso used to work.

If you are an older Alice in Videoland member, you can login here

Yes you sure can. In fact, its even better because you can get new releases and 3 day hires without additional courier fees.

We include a pre-paid return envelope with each home delivery package.

With Alice Home Delivery you can keep your discs as long as you want!

Alice DVD Subscriptions attract No Late Fees!
And you can keep discs as long as you want (excluding New and Recent Releases which are due back 3 days from receiving them).

We are proud to offer overnight delivery to all Alice DVD Subscription members.

We do this to ensure a great customer experience.

This depends on your subscription type. Basic and premium plans get 6 discs at once. Unlimited plans get up to 15 and Prepay plans can choose between 3-12 at once.

All of our subscriptions are based on a monthly disc limit.

Some DVDs contain multiple discs like TV shows which means each disc will count towards your monthly limit. So for example, if your subscription type says 3 discs per month and the TV show is made up of 3 discs, then that will make up your monthly limit.

However, most movies are just one disc so the above would not apply. In cases where there is a special features disc, we will not include that unless you make a special request.

Note: This disc limit is due to the nature of delivery costs as we can only fit 3 discs in each delivery package. This is also the same system both Fatso used and Netflix (before it started streaming).

Yes that’s perfectly fine.

Yes. For Basic plans, you will need to send all 3 discs back in the one freepost return envelope.
Same for Premium plans, the only difference is we’ll send you another 3 discs in the same month which you’ll need to return in the single return envelope supplied. Note, if you are on a Premium plan and do not send back the first lot of 3 discs, we will not automatically send you 3 more.
For unlimited plans we send you a self addressed prepaid courier bag which you will want to send all the discs back in together.
Note: This is slightly different from how Fatso used to work.

Alice delivers everywhere in NZ! (Excluding the Chatham Islands).

For delivery of VHS videotapes you have the option of Rental By Courier. Contact us on how to do that.

For fast and prompt service please email us at: support@alice.co.nz

Note: Please avoid calling our store as in-store staff are not trained in subscription related questions.

You can cancel or pause your account at anytime by simply calling us at 03 365 0615 and we’ll cancel your account immediately provided all discs have been returned.

Note: We cannot cancel your account until all discs have been returned. If you request to cancel your account before all discs have been returned, then we will only process the cancellation once we receive the discs back. Upon successful cancellation or pausing all monthly payments will stop immediately. Pausing your account works exactly the same way.

Alice DVD offers a full 30-day money back guarantee for the first month of service.

If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us at support@alice.co.nz describing why you are disappointed and that you would like a refund. We will then issue a full refund immediately providing any discs you rented have been returned to Alice.

We will notify you via email on the status of the refund once it is processed. If you cancel within 30 days but do not clearly request a refund then you no refund will be issued. Once the refund has been issued, we will not send you any more DVDs effective immediately.

Note: After the first 30 day period, there are no refunds.

No. Alice does not have pornographic Adult films.

No you don’t. No signature is required for our deliveries so the courier bags will go in your mailbox.

No. For Prepay Plans your credits never expire and can be used at anytime.
In addition, you will also have the option to choose how many discs we send you at once.

While our plans state you get 3, 6 or an unlimited amount of discs per month that does depend on you. With the Basic plan (3 discs per month), we’ll send you 3 discs at the beginning of your billing cycle providing you have 3 discs available in your queue. Same for the Premium plan (6 discs per month). Note that there is no rollover credits. If you don’t use up your credits in a month they do not rollover to the next month. However, under some circumstances we can manually credit your account so please contact support.