Special Interest

Many people love lists, and film-related lists are among the most fascinating that people love to browse. Top 10 films, favourite actors, memorable lines and so on are fairly par for the course. But Alice being Alice, it's now time for something completely different. The individual film-loving staff members of Alice have thoughtfully assembled some truly interesting groupings of film themes, ranging from "Rabbit Season" to "Food in Film" to "The King is Alive" to "Extreme Cinema" and beyond, and we are ever expanding on these themes. The idea here is to simply make it interesting. Where else would you find as eclectic a selection of lists as that which now awaits your perusal? Simply select from any interesting looking heading in the blue font to the left and experience a few sensory jolts, laughs, tears and masterpieces. Right: Scene from Jan Svankmajer's memorable "Alice".