For any problems you may be experiencing, please email us at: support@alice.co.nz.

Damaged discs

If you have any discs that won’t play properly, please let us know so we can fix it and send you the film again on your next delivery batch. This means you will get an extra disc on your next delivery to make up for the damaged one.
If we are not able to fix the disc and do not have another copy we will credit your account instead. To report a damaged disc, please email us at: support@alice.co.nz

Monthly disc credits

If you did not receive all of your monthly disc credits, it could either be that you don’t enough films available in your queue, or that you have not yet returned all your previous discs.

Possible reason 1: Not enough films in your queue.

Please make sure there are enough films above the ‘Your next likely delivery’ text on your queue screen to ensure we have enough discs to send you. If there are any empty slots, please keep adding more films to your queue until all the slots are full.

Possible reason 2: You have not returned all previous discs

Another common reason you may not receive your full monthly disc amount is because you have not yet returned the discs that we sent you before. Please note that our plans state the disc amount ‘at once’. So for example, if you are on the basic plan you get 3 discs at once which means if you didn’t return 1 disc we will only send you 2.
Also please note, we will never send just 1 disc. Courier costs are very high so we need to ensure we send all discs at once. So please ensure you send all your discs back at once so we can send you your full amount back. If you have any further questions about monthly disc credits please email us at: support@alice.co.nz