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To try to do justice to the avalanche of interesting finds, documentaries, curios and plain old good and great films arriving daily, Alice has split new additions into Recent Arrivals (3 Day Hire), Featured Acquisitions (7 Day Hire) , New TV to DVD (7 Day Hire) . This is designed to spotlight these offerings before they find their final resting place among Alice's eclectic permanent collection. We trust these features be some help in your quest to ferret out a gem or three - and ultimately guide you towards expansion of your cinematic horizons and filmic enlightenment....

Winchester '73 (Blu-Ray) (1950)

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Charles Drake, Dan Duryea, James Stewart, John McIntire, Shelley Winters, Millar...

Lin McAdam (James Stewart) pursues notorious outlaw Henry "Dutch" Brown (Millard Mitchell) into Dodge City, Kansas. There, in an effort to flush out t... Read more

The Golden Voyage of Sinbad (Blu-Ray) (1973)

Director: Gordon Hessler
Starring: Caroline Munro, John Phillip Law, Martin Shaw, Robert Shaw, Tom Baker, Douglas W...

Sinbad's adventure pits him against a master magician who's trying to reach the Fountain of Destiny on the lost land of Lemuria in a bid to be crowned... Read more

Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (Blu-Ray) (1977)

Director: Sam Wanamaker
Starring: Jane Seymour, Patrick Troughton, Patrick Wayne, Taryn Power, Margaret Whiting

Legendary adventurer Sinbad (Patrick Wayne) stops in a port town to visit his friend Prince Kassim (Damien Thomas), only to find the city walls locked... Read more

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (Blu-Ray) (1973)

Director: Peter Yates
Starring: Alex Rocco, Joe Santos, Mitchell Ryan, Peter Boyle, Richard Jordan, Robert Mitch...

Aging Boston gunrunner Eddie Coyle (Robert Mitchum) is looking at several years of jail time for a hold-up if he doesn't funnel information to Dave Fo... Read more

The Crown: Season 2 (2017)

Starring: John Lithgow, Victoria Hamilton, Matt Smith, Claire Foy

Season 2 continues to follow the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th... Read more

Big Pacific (2017)

Starring: Daniel Dae Kim

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of the Earth's surface, holds half of our world's water, and hides the deepest place on our planet. Big Pacific bre... Read more

The Bachelors (2017)

Director: Kurt Voelker
Starring: Julie Delpy, Kevin Dunn, Harold Perrineau, J K Simmons, Jae Head, Tom Amandes, O...

After the death of his wife, Bill and his 17-year-old son, Wes, move from a small town to a big city for a fresh start. As they begin to adjust to lif... Read more

Double Date (2017)

Director: Benjamin Barfoot
Starring: Georgia Groome, Danny Morgan, Michael Socha, Kelly Wenham

While Jim attempts to lose his virginity before he turns 30, he and his friend Alex meet two beautiful sisters, Kitty and Lulu, who seduce them as par... Read more

Scorched Earth (2018)

Director: Peter Howitt
Starring: John Hannah, Ryan Robbins, Gina Carano, Stephanie Bennett

In a post-apocalyptic future bounty hunter, Gage, pursues a ruthless outlaw, at the head of a dangerous, criminal gang. Read more

Devil's Gate (2017)

Director: Clay Staub
Starring: Jonathan Frakes, Amanda Schull, Shawn Ashmore, Milo Ventimiglia

When a woman and her son mysteriously vanish, FBI agent Daria Francis is dispatched to the small town of Devil's Gate, N.D., to investigate the primar... Read more