Blu-ray Discs

Immerse yourself in a world in which dreams come true and imagination comes to life with razor-sharp clarity. You're experiencing the wonder of Blu-ray, the High Definition entertainment format that will change the movies as you know them. Many of your favourite films are already available on Blu-ray discs, along with incredible interactive features and unprecedented online connectivity. Experience Blu-ray on Playstation 3 or a Blu-ray player - they'll both play your existing DVDs, too. Once you've lived inside your favourite movies on Blu-ray you may never look back... Below are the rapidly growing line-up of selected titles Alice stocks to showcase this exciting format.

'71 (Blu-ray) (2015)

Director: Yann Demange
Starring: Jack O'Connell, Adam Nagaitis, Paul Popplewell, Jack Lowden

Bomb-torn Belfast in 1971 must have been like nowhere else on Earth  more like a rubble-strewn circle of hell. This is the apocalyptic vision laid ou... Read more

( 500 ) Days of Summer ( Blu-ray ) (2009)

Director: Marc Webb
Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Patricia Belcher, Zooey Deschanel, Geoffrey A...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel star in director Marc Webb's wry, nonlinear romantic comedy about a man who falls head over heels for a woman... Read more

10 Cloverfield Lane ( Blu-ray ) (2016)

Director: Dan Trachtenberg
Starring: John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr.

A young woman wakes up after a terrible accident to find that she's locked in a cellar with a doomsday prepper, who insists that he saved her life and... Read more

10,000 BC (Blu-ray) (2008)

Director: Roland Emmerich
Starring: Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Steven Strait

Partly filmed on location around Queenstown, this prehistoric epic focuses on D'Leh, a young hunter who's been branded an outcast by his tribe. But he... Read more

12 Angry Men ( Blu-ray ) (1957)

Director: Sidney Lumet
Starring: E G Marshall, Ed Begley, Henry Fonda, Jack Warden, John Fiedler, Lee J Cobb, Mar...

A teenage boy is accused of killing his father, and between him and capital punishment stands just one man. A vivid, shocking courtroom drama with a p... Read more

12 Monkeys ( Blu-ray ) (1995)

Director: Terry Gilliam
Starring: Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Christopher Plummer, Madeleine Stowe

Inspired by Chris Marker's short film 'La Jetee' (also available) and set in the near future where a prisoner is sent back in time to the 90's to disc... Read more

12 Strong (Blu-Ray) (2018)

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
Starring: William Fichtner, Michael Shannon, Elsa Pataky, Michael Pena, Chris Hemsworth, R...

In the wake of Sept. 11, Capt. Mitch Nelson leads a U.S. Special Forces team into Afghanistan for an extremely dangerous mission. Once there, the sold... Read more

12 Years a Slave ( Blu-ray ) (2013)

Director: Steve McQueen
Starring: Brad Pitt, Paul Giamatti, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Paul Dano, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mic...

In the antebellum United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Read more

1408 ( Blu-ray ) (2007)

Director: Mikael Hafstrom
Starring: John Cusack, Samuel L Jackson, Mary McCormack, Tony Shalhoub, Jasmine Jessica An...

John Cusack gives a riveting performance as Mike Enslin, cynical author of 'occult travel guides' in this stand-out horror. Though successful as a wri... Read more

1911 Revolution (Blu-ray) (2011)

Director: Jackie Chan
Starring: Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing

A historical drama based on the founding of the Republic of China when nationalist forces led by Sun Yat-sen overthrew the Qing Dynasty. Read more