Film Festivals 1991

An interesting year with special mention of the Coen Brothers' dark comedy "Barton Fink" and also their stylish "Miller's Crossing", Philip Kaufman's erotic "Henry and June", Emir Kusturica's sweeping "Time of the Gypsies" and Anthony Minghella's heartfelt "Truly, Madly, Deeply" (right).

Cyrano De Bergerac (1950/1990 Versions) (1990)

Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Michael Gordon
Starring: Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Gerard Depardieu, Jacques Weber, Anne...

A double helping of "Cyrano De Bergerac". "Cyrano De Bergerac" (1950) - Jose Ferrer won an Academy Award for his stunning portrayal of the fabled 17th... Read more

Death in Brunswick (1990)

Director: John Ruane
Starring: Zoe Carides, John Clarke, Sam Neill, Yvonne Lawley, Nick Lathouris, Nicholas Pap...

A riotous rollercoaster of murder and mayhem set in inner Melbourne, this hit Australian comedy-thriller stars Sam Neill as Carl, a middle-aged no-hop... Read more

Henry and June (1990)

Director: Philip Kaufman
Starring: Fred Ward, Uma Thurman, Maria de Medeiros, Richard E Grant, Kevin Spacey

The life and times of America's most controversial writer, Henry Miller, and especially his stormy relationship with June Smith, a dance hall hostess... Read more

House Party (1990)

Director: Reginald Hudlin
Starring: Christopher Martin, Christopher Reid, Martin Lawrence, Robin Harris, Tisha Campb...

A rambunctious comic rap-attack that turns teenage movie conventions upside-down. After his father grounds him for brawling with a bruiser, a high sch... Read more

Impromptu (1991)

Director: James Lapine
Starring: Judy Davis, Hugh Grant, Mandy Patinkin

A spirited 'they do make them as well as they used to' comedy/drama about the 19th century romance between George Sand (Judy Davis) and Frederic Chopi... Read more

L'Atalante (1934)

Director: Jean Vigo
Starring: Michel Simon, Dita Parlo, Jean Daste

Naturalism and surrealist fantasy blend beautifully in this restored all-time masterpiece about a young couple who begin their life together sailing d... Read more

Longtime Companion (1990)

Director: Norman Rene
Starring: Stephen Caffrey, Patric Cassidy, Brian Cousins

An absorbing, revealing account detailing the effects of Aids on the American gay community in the 80's as seen through the eyes of two friends. Campb... Read more

Metropolitan (1990)

Director: Whit Stillman
Starring: Carolyn Farina, Edward Clements, Taylor Nichols

A literate and witty tale of college-age Park Avenue preps and debs who gather during Christmas break to come to terms with their hopes and hormones.... Read more

Miller's Crossing (1990)

Director: Joel Coen
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney, John Turturro, Marcia Gay Harden, Jon Polito, J E...

A very stylish, intelligent offering from the Coen Brothers ('Raising Arizona', 'Blood Simple') set in 1929 and perfectly recreating the look and feel... Read more

Milou en Mai ( May Fools ) (1989)

Director: Louis Malle
Starring: Michel Piccoli, Miou-Miou, Dominique Blanc

An entertaining comedy of manners set against the backdrop of the 1968 student uprising in Paris, the film follows the Vieu-sacs as they converge on t... Read more